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Working in a corporation? For sure, you use the following punctuations -a full stop, comma, colon, semicolon, a hyphen, dots, and brackets every day in your emails. But do you know when you should include it in your sentences?
Check out below our punctuation examples (when you should use them and examples of how to include them in your business writing emails).

Punctuation - Business emails
Punctuation – Business emails

In the above picture, you found our punctuation examples and here you can learn when you should use them:

Full Stop

-at the end of a sentence

-in email addresses and in the internet https://www.copy-paste-emails.com

-in abbreviations – a.m. e.g. etc.


-to separate phrases, words or clauses


-in formal writing, before a clause or phrase

-to introduce a list of items

-to introduce a quotation


-in formal writing, to separate two main clauses

-instead of a comma to separate parts of a sentence that already contain commas


-when writing compound numbers between 21 and 99 in words

-to form a compound from two or more other words

-to form a compound from a prefix and a proper name


-to indicate that words have been omitted, especially from a quotation or at the end of a conversation


-to separate extra information or a comment from the rest of a sentence

-to enclose cross-references

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