Sales Vocabulary

Sales Vocabulary

If you go to a supermarket you need to know words like tomatoes, milk, and potatoes, if you go on a trip you need to know words like go straight, turn around, left, and right. In the same meaning, everyone working in the sales department needs to know very specific words that will be needed 90% of their time. In the presented sales vocabulary, you will find the most used sales words and what is their meaning. Additionally, you will find a short description of Meeting Minutes.


Besides the sales vocabulary above, there are some phrases that you will hear in your office environment.

What are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting Minutes are written notes that have been collected during the meeting about what has been discussed in the past meeting. Minutes include:

Names of participants;
What topics have been covered in the meeting;
Follow-up actions;
Lead times for completion of commitments;
And anything else that needs to be considered;

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