sales techniques

Sales Techniques

This article is to show you how you should act and what sales techniques to use if you are a salesperson and you expect your clients to get back to you. And of course to make them buy your products/service.

First, let’s see how you should act, and then we will find out what are the most used sales techniques that will make your customer consider “Oh, yeah, it might be more expensive but it really looks reliable. I can trust this company.”.

1. Find out what are the client’s requirements

You don’t need to know only if the customer wants a car or –

What model?
What color?
Should it be gas or diesel?

You need to find what they usually do during their daily routine. Furthermore, how many hours do they drive their car, and are they a family? You need to be more specific when you need to find out what you should sell to your client!
Sometimes the client doesn’t know what they need and when they see that you are very familiar and have knowledge about what you’re selling, they will say:

This guy knows what I should buy!

2. Write/Call the customer every day to inform them that you’re working on their case

Even if you are still pending the designers to confirm whether this model of Ford can be in purple, you need to update the client every day that you are still waiting for the responsible person to confirm that you can make the car in purple.
You can find our examples of what you can write to your client in order to keep them informed all the time –

3. Make the customer feel special

3.1. Use Special Phrases

”I’ll be happy to help!”
”That sounds great.”
”Have a lovely weekend.”
”Have a wonderful day ahead.”

3.2. Be interested to assist them

Don’t look like it’s another day where you should assist another stupid customer. Don’t act like you are so impatient to hang up the phone as they will not buy anything.

Try to USE words as:

”I can assure you”

Try to AVOID words such as:

”Not sure”
”That’s fine”

3.3. Exclusive bonus or gifts for loyal clients

Who wouldn’t like some kind of bonus? Like:

– 5% discount
– Get 2 and the second will be with a 50% discount
– Sign 3 years contract and you will get a 30% discount

4. Be confident

Believe in yourself.
Remember that you know more about your company rather than the client.
Choose positive words.
Try to help with anything that you can.
Don’t take it too seriously. Talk about some external topics.
Don’t interrupt.

5. Summarize the customer’s needs to make sure that you understood everything

How the customer can be sure that you remember all of their requirements?
Take notes and double-check everything that you’ve written with the client.


You are more than welcome!
I’m happy to assist you!
Enjoy your day!
Absolutely correct!
Thank you for your time.
No worries.


On the phone

– Good Morning. This is Elizabeth talking on the phone. How may I assist you today?

– I will definitely help with this, Mr. Johnson. I’m going to contact our engineers and require them to check your connection. Usually, it takes 1-2 hours. As soon as I receive any update, I will call you back.

– Thank you for your time over the phone Mr. Johnson. It was a pleasure for me to talk with you. I hope a have a wonderful day. Talk to you soon! Bye

Writing Email

Hello Marco,

Good morning! I hope you are doing well.

Please find attached the released order form, kindly review and if everything is correct, please return a signed copy.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,

Open and Closed Questions

Open and Closed Sales Questions

Sandwich Technique

Sandwich Technique

Do your best and always make the client feel special, make they feel like you are always available for them and no matter what prices you offer them – they will always come back to you, because of your perfect service.
Use the above sales techniques and will always reach your targets!

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