How to Answer to How Are You?
Verbal Communication

How to Answer to How Are You?

There are different ways to answer the most frequently asked question of all – How are you?. Instead of saying, “I’m fine,” you can use other phrases, depending on your mood. Below you find several ways to answer positively or negatively to the person who is asking you ”How are you?”.

Positive answer to ”How are you?”:

1. Fine just fine. How are you?

2. Thanks for asking, I’m doing fine.

3. Doing well. How about you?

4. Pretty good.

5. I’m good. What is new around you?

6. The same as usual.

7. I’m fine hope the same for you.

8. I am fine hope you are also doing well.

9. I’m doing really well.

10. Way better than before.

11. So far, so good!

Negative response:

1. Not too bad. Thanks.

2. Can’t complain.

3. Not so great.

4. Terrible.

5. Could be better.

6. I’ve had better days.

7. Today is not my day.

8. Not so good, but thanks for asking.

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