Looking Forward Synonym | EXAMPLES

Looking Forward Synonyms | EXAMPLES

Looking forward
Meaning – towards the future; ahead in time

Looking forward synonyms:

1. aim
2. anticipate
3. assume
4. await
5. eagerly
6. expect
7. hope
8. trust
9. wish
10. wait

Alternative ways of saying “looking forward” in business emails:

1. Can’t wait to get this resolved.

2. Hope to receive the documents as soon as possible.

3. I would be grateful …

4. I will be expecting your call.

5. I’m delighted to know …

6. I’m interested to see …

7. I’ll be pleased to meet you.

8. It will be lovely to see you.

9. I’ll happy to discuss this matter with you.

10. I hope you will return with your positive confirmation.

11. If this does not suit you I expect your suggestion.

12. I’m waiting to propose an alternative arrangement.

13. I’m waiting for your feedback.

14. I await your immediate response.

15. I expect an update on …

16. Waiting for your prompt reply.

17. I’m waiting for your input.

18. Awaiting to hear from you.

19. I would love to hear your thoughts.

20. Thank you for your speedy response in advance.

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