Sending Quotation Email Sample
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Sending Quotation Email Samples

As a supplier or business, there’s a chance that the clients or future clients send the requests for quotation emails. It is a conventional way to ask the estimation of the project that they need to pay. As a business owner, of course, you will want to reply to the particular email immediately so that it will improve the workflow of your company.

The entire process of document exchange could take so much time and effort. An email requesting a quotation from other parties can be simple and straightforward. However, writing and sending the quotation is a bit technical.

Giving the price quotes is a bit tricky if you are new in correspondence. There are some challenges in responding to the quotation emails requests. A client email requesting a quotation. Keep in mind that you might not be the only one that your client contacts to give them the pricing quotes. The client could ask your quotes for their own consideration or compare the pricing from you and other competitors. There are a wide array of variables and factors to consider. That’s why responding to the quotation request has never been easy. Therefore, take a look at the samples of sending quotation emails below.

Sending quotation email samples


Dear Patricia,
In reply to your inquiry of 21st July, we are pleased to enclose a detailed quotation for the requested licenses. We can allow a 4% discount on all orders exceeding $200. Please kindly be informed that the prices are subject to change without notice.
We look forward to receiving your order.
Yours sincerely,


Hi George,
We are pleased to enclose a quotation for the renovation of your premises. The work carries a guarantee of one year subject to your prior approval of the completed renovation. We enclose our most recent catalog to give you an indication of the materials available. We also enclose our latest price list.
Best regards,


Good morning Mr. Davis,
In reply to your inquiry of 3rd January, we are pleased to enclose the requested quotation for the goods specified. This range is a special introductory offer, with a 5% discount on your initial order. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please fill in the enclosed form.
We look forward to your reply.


Hi Linda,
With reference to your inquiry of 5th May, we have pleasure in enclosing a quotation for the goods specified. Please let us know if you would like to place an order as soon as possible since our supplies are limited.
Kind regards,


Good afternoon Ms. Miller,
In reply to your email of 9th April, we are pleased to enclose our quote for the models of phones that you have specified. Besides those models we have a wide range of other brands, as illustrated in our catalog, also enclosed.
Furthermore, we are able to offer a 3% discount for all orders exceeding £1,000.
Please note that all models can be supplied subject to availability, 2 months from the date on which we receive your firm order.
Kind regards,

Suggestion from experts

The experts suggest calling or messaging the client first before sending your quotation email to clarify the questions. It does not hurt to double-check the clients’ requests for accurate quotations.

It needs to be done in order to give the appropriate response to your clients. After all, no one wants to receive a wrong quotation. Such mistakes can also deter the clients from purchasing your services or products.

Before writing the quotation email to any client, you will want to check the quotation request thoroughly. Sometimes, the information that they’ve sent to you still has flaws. If there is any room for improvement, you could contact the client to clarify. You will get more than you need when you take the time to double-check the client’s requirements and identify the solution that can solve the problem of your client.

Before sending the email, take the time to check once again.

A single mistake can make the quotation look worse in the eyes of your clients.

In their inquiries, customers will provide you with important information about their requirements and the reasons behind them. As a provider, it is your duty to understand what they need and require. You and your team must be able to identify the solution that can meet their requirements. Here is where your team competence and set of skills are tested.

It has never been enough to send your clients a simple price list. It is rather the particular services that are tailored that match your customer’s needs. And you need to be able to add the details that help them to understand the solution that you offer to them.

Responding to the client’s requests shouldn’t be generic. Each client has their own requirements and needs. That’s why it is important to get the best practices so that you can respond to their message well.

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