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By tomorrow by the end of the business day, I will have an update and will inform you about the development of the case.

We’re currently looking into your request and we will get back to you as soon as we have any information.

I am just writing back to you in order to assure you that I am still working on your case.

Once our (NAME OF THE TEAM) team provides me with some information I will contact you back.

Apologies for the lack of response and the delays.

I will check what we can do in order to improve our service and meet your expectations. I will contact you ASAP with more details.

You are very welcome. I will be happy to help you with resolving this matter. It will be better for both parties.

Please provide me a little time to collect more information and as soon as I have any news I will let you know accordingly.

Thank you too for your understanding and co-operation.

Sorry for troubling you, just I wanted to let you know that I am working on your order and soon it will be issued pending for a signature.

I hope that we will manage to finish this till the end of the next week.

I will do my best to gather more information until the end of this working day and will contact you back.

Since it has been almost a week, I just wanted to inform you that I didn’t forget about your request for inquire/ new offers.

I am still pending to receive more information from our (RELEVANT TEAM NAME) Team whether this solution is possible, or I need to offer you another one.

I will contact you back once I have more clearance on your inquiry.

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