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We have opened a billing inquiry to investigate the issue further.

Your Billing inquiry number is #11111.

Please let us know the point of contact to be added to this account to ensure the invoices reach the appropriate person.

The client has been placed on credit hold for unresolved past due to balances over 30/60/90 days.

The past due balance is $ 1000.

Attached are your invoices for March and April.

Please let me know your email address where we can send the invoices electronically every month so that I can update your account with a new email address.

Here is a copy of the check in March Invoice paid 3/11/2019 and clearing our bank 3/18/2019.

The CASH APP number is 11111. Please keep it for your reference.

Once we receive your cheque we will let you know, and we will apply for the payment in your account.

Regarding the missing cheque(1111), I have opened a ticket with our credit team to locate the payment and get it applied to your account.

Attached is your open invoice. You can go through it and if you have any query feel free to call us.

You are free to use the above billing phrases in your emails!

Billing phrases
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