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Could you please confirm that you would like to proceed with the following scenario?

Once I have this confirmed, I will prepare a quote as per your requirements.

In regard to our product (YOUR COMPANY NAME) can offer, please find attached the product datasheet.

Kindly review and advise us on the level of support you are interested in. The specs follow here for your convenience.

Please let us know which option will suit your needs best so that we can revert with our offer.

In terms of the contract renewal, could you please let me know what the preferable term is – 12, 24 and 36 months.

Please take your time to discuss it within your organization and let me know that if you are happy with our services and would like to extend the contract term for a longer period I will be able to propose a discount over the monthly charge.

Of course, if you have additional service requirements I will be happy to support.

We do provide/service. Please let me know your expectations and requirements towards these products/services and I will soon send you our offer.

Please also advise if the current service sufficient for your business demands? We can upgrade the service if you need. 

I will appreciate if you contact me with the people from your side responsible for the contract so that we can discuss the proposed renewal.

Please take your time to consider the options that I have provided you with. I will be awaiting your decision.

However, I would also like to clarify that depending on the term that you are interested in re-signing, certain discount options can be provided.

To summarize I will look to action the following points and will be in touch as soon as I have updates:

If there is anything that I have missed then please feel free to comment.

It would be great to meet up soon so once I have provided the above we should look to arrange a time.

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