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Unfortunately, I have given you our minimum acceptable prices and we wouldn’t be able to reduce the prices. We are sorry that we are not able to meet your needs when it comes to the price, but I have gone through our pricing team and those are final.

I really wanted to get the required discount for you, but after my internal check with our pricing team, I was informed that we have provided you with our best options and we are also obligated with 3rd party charges that need to be covered. I will do appreciated if you consider again our quotes and in turn, we will happily continue to provide you with our product/ service.

I tried my best, but unfortunately, we have external charges that need to be covered that’s why the best options are these that I previously provided to you. Kindly bear in mind that if you keep your service with us, in return, we will continue to provide you:

– 24×7 support team with highly trained management and technical professionals;

-Access to real-time data;

-Competitive product/ service;


I hope that you will reconsider your opinion and we will continue our business partnership.

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