Business English

As the name suggests, Business English is the English language relevant for business purposes. The practices apply to specific business activities, including commerce, finance, negotiations, reports, summaries, meetings, etc.

Business English is a sub-category of English for Specific Purposes. In the education system, it is included in the teaching and learning of English.

As the umbrella category of Business English, English for Specific Purposes is usually learned in non-native educational institutions or bodies in both English-speaking countries and non-English-speaking countries.

In fact, according to research, at least 75% of business English usage across the globe takes place between non-native English speakers.

In Business English, there are also two sub-categories to learn: vocabulary and functionality.

The language of business can be a broad topic to learn based on different industries, such as banking, oil, entertainment, investment, commodities, etc.

It is to describe the English language used for business functions such as meetings, negotiating, presentations, interpretation, etc.

The importance of Business English

The first reason will be the most obvious one. We know that English is an international language. So, it has been fair for most local businesses and individuals to learn Business English to participate in the global market.

English has also come to collaborate with vital industries across the globe, such as health care, the internet, engineering, professionals, specialists, etc.

Because of the main reasons above, the Business English Course has become increasingly popular, especially since the early 2020s.

The covid-19 pandemic has pushed many sectors to transform their business models into digitalization. Work-from-home is one of the most common forms of employment for individuals and groups. With such an opportunity, they can leverage internet technology to engage with international customers. That’s why business English is more in demand than before.

Why Study Business English?

Business English is different from conventional English.

It is easy to talk with strangers on the street, in restaurants, or with a group of friends. But when it comes to the business environment, it is a different thing.

The vocabulary and pragmatics used in the workplace environment will be different from in education, for instance.

On workplace occasions, one will need to provide the appropriate language for business tasks such as presentations, meetings, corporate events, negotiation, reports, CV writing, interviews, ceremonies, etc.

Studying Business English will also make you ready for business correspondence. Email, for instance, is the most common means of communication used by B2B companies and B2G bodies. In many businesses, email is the most accelerated communication tool to interact and engage.

Learning English at the business level will also give you a specific qualification in the job market, making you quality above the other people who don’t learn Business English.

What will you learn in the Business English course?

You will learn new skills that will be useful for you in daily work and professional scenarios. The placement of the dictionaries, vocabulary, and dialogue will be aligned to the relevant business environment. As a learner, you will be more confident in using your skills to improve your team’s productivity and career path.

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