How to Say That You Agree With Someone
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How to Say That You Agree With Someone

Check out our examples of how you can agree with someone. No matter if you are talking in a formal or informal way you can use these samples to express your feelings of agreement.

20 ways to say that you agree with someone

1. I’m fine with your proposal.

2. I totally agree with you.

3. You’re absolutely right.

4. No doubt about it.

5. As far as I know, you are totally correct.

6. My thoughts exactly.

7. I share your thoughts.

8. I agree with you on 100%.

9. Yes, you’re right!

10. Absolutely, this is what I meant.

11. I see what you mean.

12. I think you are right.

13. I accept what you’re saying.

14. I share your view.

15. Exactly, I could not agree with you more.

116. Definitely, I was going to say the same thing.

17. I’m okay to have dinner with you this Friday.

18. I accept the invitation to spend a weekend with you in New York.

19. Would you agree to have breakfast with me this Wednesday morning? I’ve prepared an agenda for the upcoming workshop and we can discuss it.

20. Our team has agreed to show you our new system’s features.

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