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Business English Phrases – Best Examples

In today’s topic “Business English Phrases – Best Examples” we will look at what phrases to use to express your feelings. Expressing feelings during a meeting predisposes the other party to be more open and to start a discussion on a certain topic.
Moreover, in this way you can extract valuable information about the customer and also create superlatives about yourself. To impress someone, you don’t just have to express positive emotions, you have to express your true opinion – even if sometimes it’s negative. In this way, the other party will see that you have your own opinion and are not just trying to impress him in some way.


Nice to see you! / Good to see you!
I haven’t heard from you in a while/ a long time.
How are you doing? / How it goes?
How are you? What’s new?


Fine, thanks, how about you?
Great thank you!
Thanks, what about yourself?
I’m doing pretty well.
Not bad!
I can not complain.
I have been better.


I heard so much about you from Ms. Johnson.
Do you like the conference?
Is this your first time at a conference?
The place looks very nice. Is it your first time here?
Do you work with Ms. Johnson?
In which department do you work?
How long have you been working for this company?
How do you like it here?
Is this your first time in New York?
What do you recommend to visit while I’m here?
Do you come here often?
Today is a lovely sunny day here. How is the weather at your place?
It looks cloudy. I should have brought an umbrella.
Nasty weather today, isn’t it? 
This is the hottest day we’ve had all summer.


In my opinion …
From my point of view of …
In my experience …
The way I see it …
I am concerned that …
As I understand …
Honestly …
According to Ms. Johnson …
As Ms. Johnson said …
Talking about …
I would like to note that …
I would like to mention that …
If you ask me …
Personally, I think …
Speaking of myself …
I would say that …
I guess …
I believe in this …
I want to say that …
What I mean is that …
In my opinion…
From my point of view …
My opinion is that …
In my opinion …
I think that …
I think so …
I guess …


That sounds good to me.
I agree with you 100%.
I couldn’t agree with you anymore.
I completely agree with you.
You are absolutely right.
You have my full agreement.
Exactly! That’s right.
There is no doubt about that.
I guess.
I think so.
I was just about to say it.
That is exactly what I think about this issue.
I agree with you here.
I am of the same opinion.


I’m afraid I don’t agree.
Please differentiate.
Not necessarily.
No, I’m not so sure about that.
I’m afraid I don’t really see it that way.
I’m afraid I see it a little differently.
I’m afraid I have to disagree.
No, I do not agree.
What about …
On the contrary …
On the other hand…
I’m sorry I don’t agree with you, but …
Yes, but don’t you think …
The problem is that …
I doubt if …
With all my respect …
I have a different opinion because …
I generally agree with you, but …
Yes, fine, but maybe …
I understand what you mean, but have you thought about …
I hear what you’re saying, but …
I accept what you say, but …
I agree to some extent, but …
True, but…
I can’t agree.
I completely disagree with you.
No way. I cannot share this opinion.
I can’t share your point of view.
I cannot agree with this idea.
I can’t agree with you on this matter.
This is not always true.
I do not think so.
I have my own thoughts on this.
I completely disagree.
I strongly disagree.
I would say the exact opposite.


Sorry. Can you please repeat that?
Could you say that again?
Could you spell that for me?
Did you mean …?
Do you mind if you could repeat the last sentence again, please?
Do you mind saying that again, a bit louder/slower for me, please?
Would you mean repeating that?


Many thanks for your help.
Please accept my deepest thanks.
It was very thoughtful of you.
I appreciate your assistance.
Thank you for sharing/ providing this information to me. I sincerely appreciate that.


Can I add/say something here?
Is it okay to jump for a second?
Can I put a word or two?
If I can add something …
I would be happy if you explain it in more detail.
Can I just mention something?
Do you mind if I add something?
In this regard, can I add something?
Can I join the conversation?
I am sorry, but I will ask you to give me more information.
Sorry to interrupt, but …
Just a moment, I would like to …
Wait a minute, I would like…
Please hold on for a second.
Before you continue, I would like to say something.
Before moving on to the next topic, I would like to say something.


See you later.
See you soon.
Until next time.
I look forward to our next meeting.
It was nice to see you.
It was nice to see you again.
Thank you for your time. Hope you enjoy it.
I appreciate your time spent with me. See you again.

The phrases above are appropriate in both formal and informal conversations. Most of us often communicate in English in our business environment therefore you should learn the phrases very well and try to use them more often in your business communication with customers.

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