Formal vs. Informal

Formal vs. Informal Business Words

Formal vs. Informal Business Words- Part 1


I’m experiencing issues with my CRM system and the portal shows an error message. For instance, when I open the portal, I enter my credentials and I receive a message that error 404 has occurred and I’m not able to log in.

If we terminate your service, you are not going to be able to check your emails.

Initially, I need to issue a service order and then you could review it and send me back a signed copy.

If we initiate this project, you wouldn’t be able to go to Hawaii.

I need to verify the provided information with some of our engineers and I will get back to you.

I’ve been informed that after you applied for our job position, you had some questions concerning our company organization.

Payments will be located and applied to your account within 10 to 15 days.

You have another service with us that will continue to remain active.

I am very thankful for your prompt response. We will take the required actions and proceed accordingly.

Following our previous communication, I’ve attached several presentations that could be useful for you. However, if you still require further assistance, I remain at your disposal.

It will be my pleasure to work with you and assist you with any queries that you may have.

At your earliest convenience, could you please sign, scan and send back to me the attached purchase order?

I will amend your company address in our system and I will inform you once it’s done.

If you would like to extend your contract, you need to call our sales team.

Please review our options and please inform me when you’ve determined your final solution.

We have three options for commitment – 12, 24, and 36 months. Please select which one you prefer.

Formal vs. Informal Business Words- Part 2


Thank you for your business and we appreciate your prompt response in this matter.

Could you please investigate the issue and inform Ms. Jones once you have any updates?

I kindly inform you that I have given access to our self-service portal to the e-mails pointed out in your email.

If you extend the term of your service with us, we will configure your website without any additional charges.

When replying to us, please ensure that the ticket number is included in the email subject line.

The client is experiencing interruptions with their internet service. Could you please investigate the issue?

In order to proceed further, could you please fill out the required documents?

Our billing team will dispatch your last issued invoices.

I will remain at your disposal for any further information.

If you would like to talk with someone from our higher management, please find our matrix below.

The prices on the market are changing very frequently.

Any prompt response to this matter will be much appreciated!

Please find attached the issued order dorm. I am kindly asking you to review it, sign, and return me back a scanned copy so I can pass it to our provisioning team.

Tomorrow morning you will experience a slight increase in latency over the VPN connection.

Unless otherwise stated any views or opinions, you are obligated to pay your taxes.

Some changes in the schedule may occur once our new starter joins.

I am curious if you completed this task because I never received a response from you.

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