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Please provide us with the account number or the right company name, so we can locate it in our system and assist further.

Please find attached the service inventory. Also, find attached the MSA related to your service.

For any technical information regarding the ticket mentioned in the e-mail subject, please contact

I confirm that I have received your request and I will take further actions to forward your request to the respective team.

If you have any technical inquiries or concerns please contact and reference your customer account number.

It was brought to my attention that you need assistance. Please let me know how I could help you?

In order to enter your company in our system, could you please provide the following information:

Company Name

Company Registration Number

VAT number

Company Registered Address

Invoicing Address (if different to above)

Primary Contact Representative

Financial Contact Representative

Could you please provide me with your account number so that I will be able to locate you in our systems and assist you with your request?

I’m going to forward your request to a member of the sales team.

(YOUR COMPANY NAME) customer service representative is available to speak with you at 1-111-111-111 or about your queries.

You are free to use the above customer support examples in your emails!

customer support examples/phrases
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