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Thank you for your feedback! We are really sad to hear about your disappointment.

Please excuse us for making you wait, but you can be sure, that we would not be making you wait next time.

We are so sorry to hear that you waited so long and that we did not meet the requirements. We are developing our services continuously so that similar cases should not happen in the future. We hope you will not judge (YOUR COMPANY NAME) by this case, and we would be given another chance for our products/services.

Please accept our deepest apologies for the inappropriate services.

Please accept our apologies for the experienced a service interruption. We will immediately get back to you and update you accordingly as soon as we have further details available. Furthermore, kindly be informed that as soon as the service is fixed we will issue a Credit Note for the outage.

Because of the occurred unpleasant situation we will provide you with a discount/ additional amount of the device/ upgrade service.

I would like to offer you my sincerest apologies that no one has contacted you on behalf of (YOUR COMPANY NAME) to take care of your current the service/s or to offer you better solutions that meet your business needs and expectations.

I will continue doing my best trying to assist you and I really hope that we will find a way to meet your business requirements.

There is no real excuse for the large time gap, but please be informed that a lot of changes have recently happened that we weren’t able to fix. Our company’s priority is to tend to our customers and partners demands and always to do our best to provide them with timely admin support and market competitive services.



Thank you for your email of (DATE) regarding your experiences with customer service.

We take all comments regarding our customer service department seriously, and I investigated the matter you raised. However, I could not find any instances of the type you describe. In fact, our representatives are trained to be polite, friendly and helpful.

I have referred the matter to our …. department, who will keep your comments on the file. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor the performance of our customer service to ensure prompt and courteous handling of calls.

If you wish to contact someone regarding this matter, please write to my line manager (added in cc).




Thank you again for sharing your experiences, your opinion is highly important for us!

I understand now and apologize for all you have been through and still waiting on. I wish I could assist with this case very much. I am going to copy the group that definitely can assist as well as another group. Your service will remain active until you tell me otherwise.

Although I am disappointed, I respect that your selection of solution provider was based on careful consideration of the merits of both companies and that (THE OTHER COMPANY) offerings were more in line with your present needs. Naturally, I wish you only the best of luck with your choice.

If you have further need that our company can service, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Good Afternoon Mr Crum,

I know that you might be disappointed by the whole situation and the slow resolution of your issue, but we took over your case and we are really trying to do our best to sort it immediately.

You are a valuable client for us and it is our priority to fix your accounts and make you happy and satisfied with our services.

I hope that we can collaborate in the next few weeks and resolve everything.

Best wishes,

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