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Customer Service Email Response Samples

Most often customers have access to a representative of the support department. That is why it is important that communication goes smoothly and this representative shows a good level of knowledge. In addition to solving the problem, another important part is the attitude towards the customer. For the best performance we have prepared the following customer service email response samples.


Subject: Company name change – Customer Support

Dear Nicola,

I hope my e-mail finds you well!

We will need the below information to finalize the change of your company name:

1.New Business Name
2.Contact Name
3.Service Address
4.Billing Address
5.VAT Number
6.Billing Email Address(s)

I will create an internal ticket for the change and once resolved, I will reach back to you.

Should you have any other questions please let me know.

Have a great day!



Subject: Customer service- call reply

Hello Adam,

I did not quite understand your question over the phone, so I am sending you an e-mail to make sure I have all the information in order to provide you with an accurate answer.

If you would kindly explain to me what the issue is I will forward it to the responsible (YOUR COMPANY NAME) team and follow-up until you get a reply.

Kind regards,


Subject: Customer Service – requested info

Dear Customer,

I’m reaching out to you because we were informed that you require assistance. My name is (YOUR NAME) and I will be able to help information that you have.

Please feel free to contact me on the following contact details:

My phone number: +1 111 1111
My email address:

I’m looking forward to your email in order to help with your query.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,


Subject: Customer support – forward request to sales

Dear Andy,

Thank you for reaching us!

However, your request is sales-related and a member of our Sales team has been engaged to provide you with an alternative option in case you wish to sign a renewal for the service.

If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Kind regards,


Subject: Customer support- contact details

Dear Customer,

Thank you for reaching us!

I’m reaching to you to provide you with our contact details. We were informed that you have struggled to find any contacts with our company (YOUR COMPANY) and thus I decided to reach out to you. Furthermore, we will avoid any possible communication gaps in the future.

Customer Service Center

Email address  | +1 111 1111 opt. 2

Technical Support Center

Email address  | +1 111 1112 opt. 1

Sales Department

Email address  | +1 111 1113 opt. 1

Billing Department

Email address  | +1 111 1114 opt. 1

If I can assist you further, please let me know.



Subject: Customer support for (COMPANY NAME)

Good day,

My name is (FILL YOUR NAME) and I will be responsible to assist you with any queries that you have.

We are aware that you need assistance with your services/products with us. In order to be most efficient, could you please advise the following:

What is your company name?

What is the ID of the service that you need assistance?

Who should I reach?

What is your query?

Feel free to contact me anytime!

Best regards,

You can use the free samples of customer service responses in your email.

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