List Of Most Popular Business Words That You Need To Know
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List Of Most Popular Business Words That You Need To Know

When you immerse yourself in the world of corporate world you start hearing the same phrases every day. You start using a certain range of words.
Most of them are probably already familiar to you if you have been involved in this field for a long time. But for those who are the first to enter this field, they must learn well most popular business words.
In this post, you will find a list of the most popular business words that you need to know and sample sentences related to each word.

Business words and sample sentences


abroad – I know I had to send you the documents for (PROVIDE DETAILS) on the 12th of April but due to health issues/vacation abroad I couldn’t send them on the specified date. 
accordance – Delivery will be made in accordance with your instructions.
account – We were able to create your account in our system but without receiving the signed document, our finance department is not able to activate the account.
acknowledge – By signing this offer in the space provided in the attached offer, you acknowledge that you have received and read this offer and all attachments hereto.
advance – Thank you in advance.
advice – Could you please provide us advice on how we should proceed in this case?
advise – Please advise if this order has been fulfilled?
agreement –
Please review and complete the fields in the attached agreement and send it back to this email.
amount –
The total amount is 1000.00 USD.
announce –
We are excited to announce the release of our new sales system.
annual –
We recommend this for annual payment only.
apologize –
We apologize for the delay, but our legal team was required to review the contract.
apply –
Please validate the data and apply for credit revision.
– Someone from your sales team will soon be contacting you to schedule an appointment.
approval – You are receiving this email because your approval for the following request is needed.arrange – If you have any questions or concerns or would like us to join a team meeting to share more highlights please reach out directly to arrange as we are happy to do so.
attach –
You can find attached the requested documents.attend – Friendly reminder you’ve registered to attend this event.


beneficial – The construct they have right now, is not beneficial besides – Besides Holiday Inn, there is also an additional hotel about 50m from the office.
bill – After the initial invoice customers will see the normal monthly billing cycle play out, with new users added to the next month’s bill.
breakdown – This is a breakdown of the activities that tend to impact your time.
browser – If you still experience the same issue, please try to open the link with another browser.
bulk – Please make a bulk onboarding of customers.
busy – I have had a very few busy weeks with training.


call – Please find a list of the topics we plan to review during this month’s call.
cancel –
Thank you for reaching out, I have submitted a request to cancel the license purchased.
challenge –
I adapt quickly and never steps back from a challenge.
check –
Can we please change the invitation to 2 pm EST, please?
complain –
How are you today? I can not complain.
concern –
Concerning the set task from a few days ago,..
conditions –
If you have any further queries regarding the conditions of the contract please do not hesitate to contact me.
confirm –
We confirm that we are able to deliver before the end of the month.
congratulations –
Congratulations! We are pleased to invite you to become part of our team.
connection –
I’m going to contact our engineers and require you to check your connection.
contact –
If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me!
convenience –
Please review the attached documents carefully and sign at your earliest convenience.
credit –
Do you accept credit cards?


deadline – Your deadline to report this renewal is 10.8.2021.
delay – Apologies for the bit delay in my response.
deliver –
Could you please confirm if the material has been shipped and delivered?
department –
Your request has been forwarded to our billing department.
details –
We would require the below-mentioned details to proceed further.
discount –
Unfortunately, I cannot provide a better discount because we have external expenses.
due date –
The recommended due days need to be at least 30.
duplicate –
We found a duplicate order for January usage.


email address – Please resend the signed documents to my email address.
emphasize –
I want to emphasize that if you do not pay your last invoices, your services will be terminated.
enclosed –
Please see enclosed this week’s Sales Dashboard with the latest updates.
estimate –
The estimated time of arrival is within 2-3 weeks.
evaluation –
Please fill out your evaluation answers for Q4.


file – You can find attached the requested file.
following –
Our offer to you is the following:
forward to –
If you are not the responsible person, please forward this email to the correct one.


goods – We regret to inform you that the goods ordered are out of stock.
grateful –
I will be very grateful you can provide a response by the end of the day.


hang up – If the connection is not good, you can hang up the phone.
head office –
The head office is located in South America.
hire –
We are very pleased to inform you that we hire you for our position of Account Manager. 
hold on –
Please hold on until


improve – You can find attached our improved offer.included – When replying to us, please ensure that the ticket number is included in the email subject line.
inconvenience – We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
increase –
This email is to inform you that your new monthly charge has already been increased.
inquiry –
I checked your email with the inquiry and I saw that you have some problem with your service with us.
intend to –
Thank you for taking the time to allow me to walk through the (DESCRIPTION OF THE MEETING) that we intend to launch recently.
investigation –
To aid our investigation could you please verify the power, cabling.
invoice –
We wish to remind you that our invoice no.901.


kind – If you would kindly explain to me what the issue is I will forward it to the responsible team.


launch – We are delighted to launch our release of a new Marketplace experience.
legal –
Our legal counsel will help you resolve this issue.
link –
Send me a message for more details or apply directly to the link below.


management – One of the most important practices for people management is setting smart and challenging goals.
market –
We’re happy to launch something new on the market.meeting – I will send you the meeting invite accordingly.


negotiate – We first need to negotiate the prices with the client and then I can confirm if we can place an order.
note –
Note that you will need to be a global admin to have access to this portal.
notify –
This email is to notify you that I wouldn’t be able to hold on to the meeting this Friday.


occasion – You can have different signatures for any occasion.
opportunity –
Please initiate the necessary actions with your customer and
update the corresponding opportunity accordingly
order –
Please confirm if you would like to place an order with us.
outstanding –
This email is to inform you that you have several outstanding invoices with us.


partnership – This partnership represents a significant growth opportunity for both of us.
performance –
Our product provides high-end data-center availability and incredible performance.
pleasure –
It was a pleasure for me!
possible –
Please advise what are the possible options.
postpone –
Apologies that I need to postpone the meeting again.
price list –
Attached you can find our price list for December 2020.
process –
We have internal processes that we need to follow up on.
propose –
I would propose to prepare a quote for renewal and present it to you.


quarter – Your goals for this quarter have been set up.query – For any additional queries, please reach out to technical support.
quote –
As per your request, you can find attached our quote.


rate – Please rate the quality of my support.
receive –
I was wondering whether you have received my response sent on 25 January 2021.
recently –
One of our customers has recently made a payment and we want to process two of their pending orders for approval.
recommend –
I would recommend you to go with option 1. It best fits your needs.
reference –
This is in reference to ticket number 111.
regarding –
We are keen to share with you news regarding automation.
reminder –
A kind reminder.
renew –
If the software is still in use, we recommend you renew the maintenance to receive continual support and upgrades to future versions.
reply –
Please do not reply to this message. All replies are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.
request –
The Request will go to your Line Manager for approval.


satisfy – Please let us know why you are not satisfied with our support. Your feedback will be much appreciated!
schedule –
I’m free this Thursday and I will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.
send –
Once you confirm your order, I will send you our agreement for signature.
service –
I’ve provided you with an alternative option in case you wish to sign a renewal for the service.
statement –
I need your official statement on the occurred failure.
strive –
We at Company X strive to you provide you the best products on the market.
subject to –
This offer is subject to final confirmation.
submit to –
Please submit your application by the end of the day.
subsidiary –
Each country has a different subsidiary.
subscribe –
Please subscribe to this channel if you want to follow my new posts.


term – The contract is for 36 months term.
training –
This Friday we are going to have a training on the following topic – Cloud fundamentals.
trial –
Our service starts with 30 days free trial.


underline – I would like to underline the importance of this message. Please consider it with priority.
update –
This message is to update you on your trouble ticket created for loss of service connection issues.
urgent –
If the matter is urgent, please ring me on 01111 111 111.


vacancy – We don’t have any vacancies.
valid –
This offer is valid until 31.12.2021.
value –
We value our long-term partnership and we aim to continue it in the future.


warehouse – Our warehouse is located in Chicago.
wish –
We wish to remind you that our invoice is still unpaid.
wonder –
I was wondering if your current bandwidth satisfies your company’s needs?


zip file –  In order to create a zip file, you should click in a blank area on your desktop, go to new, and select Compressed (zipped) Folder.

You are free to use the above business words in your emails!

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