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Friendly Reminder Email Samples

A friendly reminder email is one of the most pivotal tools in your business. Many people know how to run their business well but they mostly struggle to write good reminder emails. When it comes to reminding business partners, clients, or other important parties, it is crucial to be friendly and polite so that others will be glad to work with you. No one wants to receive a rude reminder email.

What is a Friendly Reminder Email?

Just like the term suggests, it is a reminder email that is not offensive. A friendly reminder email can help you to take care of matters in your business without tampering with good relationships between you and your partner. In most cases, the friendly reminder email can solve the problem effectively.

If you are a sender of this type of email, that means you don’t want to be pushy or bossy. You will want to remind your recipients in a courteous and polite way so that they won’t get offended. In many businesses, finding the right proportion for the reminder email can be a real challenge for anyone.

There are some situations in your business where you can find a friendly reminder email that can be useful for you.

Short Friendly Reminders

This is a kind reminder!

This email is a friendly reminder to you that I haven’t received any response to my last email.

I want to kindly remind you that you still haven’t sent me the requested documents.

This is a friendly reminder! Please provide your answer at your earliest convenience.

Please send me a copy of the contract. This is a kind reminder.

I kindly ask you to provide your feedback to my email.

I’d highly appreciate your feedback on the below query.

This is the second reminder of my request below.

I’m still waiting for a response to my email below.

Kindly provide the documents as soon as possible.

Sample Emails


Hello Robert,
I’d like to inform you that I haven’t received any response to my email sent to you on the 4th of May. In order to continue the process please send the requested details as soon as possible.
Kind regards,


Hi Jennifer,
I hope you are doing well! I’m writing to kindly remind you that I haven’t heard anything on my last query. I’d appreciate it if you could please answer me at your earliest convenience.
Best regards,


Dear Mr. Taylor,
I sent you our quote on the 3rd of June but I still haven’t received any response. Would you please provide your feedback? I’d really appreciate your feedback even if you think that it doesn’t match your expectations.
Kind regards,

Reasons to send a friendly reminder

Late payment

It can be delivered to your client or partner. In the world of business, no one wants to be paid late. When your client is late to pay for your service, you will need to find out when you will receive the payment for them.

Late work

If you are in charge of managing a team, you know how difficult it can be to work together as a team. If someone in your team hasn’t done their part well, it can jeopardize the project. you could use a friendly reminder email when you notice something wrong with your team member.

Follow up job application email

You can also use friendly reminder emails as a way to follow up on your job application. If you are interested in the job vacation, you surely want to stay updated with the status of your application. You could use a friendly reminder email to follow up on your job application politely. No one will blame you for that reason.

Late delivery or shipment

If you have purchased something from your supplier and the order is late, you could use the friendly reminder mail to follow up on the updates. You need to tell them that their shipment is late. If something happens during the shipment, you have the right to know the updates.

Asking for a response of the recipients

Sometimes, your recipients do not realize what they do and don’t do. There’s a possibility that the other party fails to follow through. In this case, you want to encourage them to do as agreed upon. A friendly reminder can help you to motivate them.

The deadline is near

You are working on a serious project with your team members and partners. The deadline is getting closer. You and your team will need to reach certain milestones. Sometimes, you’d like to remind your teammates to catch up and reach particular milestones on time.

The key to writing a successful reminder email is to remain courteous and professional. You won’t want to tarnish the relationship with your recipients.

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