Goodbye Message to Coworkers - Best Examples
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Goodbye Message to Coworkers – Best Examples

We all know very well how difficult it is to spend the last hours in the office where you have worked for the last few months or years. Make this moment even more memorable with an emotional letter to all your colleagues.

Write your goodbye message to your coworkers short but valuable. Let them remember you with the best of feelings (and forget about some nasty emails). Write a few sentences about how much you will miss them, about the good moments together, wish them something, and leave your contact coordinates (email, LinkedIn profile).
Write 7-10 sentences and do not go so detail.

Best Examples For Goodbye Message To Coworkers


Subject: Farewell colleagues

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to all of you as today is my last day in (YOUR COMPANY NAME).

Such moments are usually filled with mixed emotions. It is hard to choose the words and decide what and how to say them. For those who know me well I am not quite an emotional person but I could frankly say that I will miss you. Actually, this is what I will miss the most – are friendly relations and good collaboration.

For the time spent in (YOUR COMPANY NAME), there were entertaining moments, tough periods, unexpected changes, and moments of satisfaction. I even can hardly imagine I experienced all this in just a year and a half or so but I don’t regret anything and I will jump into the new challenge with the same motivation as I did it in (YOUR START DATE) when I became part of (YOUR TEAM).

To sum it up – I am really grateful that we worked together and I would like to say a sincere thank you to each one for helping me do my job in the best possible way. I always try to do it.

Feel free to contact me on social networks when you need me or just to say “Hi”.

Best of luck to all!




Subject: Farewell

Hi All,

As many of you probably know, today is my last day in (YOUR COMPANY NAME). Tomorrow I am starting a new chapter of my career journey.

Before leaving, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how great it has been to work with you. I enjoyed my time in (YOUR COMPANY NAME) and while I am excited about the new opportunity ahead of me, I will miss you guys.

Additionally, I am grateful for the experience and knowledge that I gained in the different roles and functions and for the people that I met. I am very thankful for your continuous support and I wish you the best of luck.

If you want to stay in touch, you can ping me on LinkedIn.

Thank you 😊

Kind regards,


Subject: Goodbye to my colleagues

Hello All,

As you may have already heard, I’m leaving (YOUR COMPANY NAME) and my last day is today.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed my time here—and you’ve played a part in that. It’s been so great working with you and getting to know you. The people at (YOUR COMPANY NAME) have honestly been one of the best parts of working here.

While I won’t be in the office anymore, I definitely hope you’ll keep in touch.

This is my LinkedIn profile (LINK TO YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE) or you can find me on Facebook.

Wishing you all the best.

Thank you 😊

Kind regards,


Subject: Goodbye message to my coworkers

Dear Colleagues,

It has been a great pleasure supporting you and guiding you over the past 10 years.

I loved my job and I thought that I would retire here, but times are changing.

Now I am forced to go on another journey, you can imagine how hard this is for me.

You were one big family to me and I will miss you for sure.

I am sure you will sometimes remember our old good and lovely times we had😊

If you want to stay in touch, find me on LinkedIn or you can email me on (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS).

All the best in 2020.

Sincerely yours,


Subject: My last day at (YOUR COMPANY NAME)

Hi All,

As most of you probably know next week is my last week in (YOUR COMPANY NAME).

I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you because working with you was a pleasure and I enjoyed each day, each complicated case, each opportunity!

Thank you because after the collaboration with you I`ve managed to enrich myself, my knowledge, and my skill set, and become such a person. I hope you also learned something from me 😊.

I am grateful for your continuous support and for the experience that I gained and I wanted to let you know how great it has been to work with you all.

Last but not least thank you because you were the dreamed, special and wonderful Team and I was part of it!

If you want to stay in touch, you can ping me on LinkedIn.

Thank you and I wish you the best of luck!



Subject: My last day

Dear friends and colleagues,

No one succeeds without acknowledging the help of others!

Thank you, colleagues and friends, for everything!

To all of you, I wish you heartily to be healthy, happy, and many, many more smiles!

To all of you with great respect,



Subject: Time to say Goodbye

Hi all,

I would never assume that I will be writing this, but today turns out to be my last day with (YOUR COMPANY NAME).

This is certainly one of the hardest emails I’ve ever had to write, so I will keep it short and sweet by saying a BIG Thank you for being such awesome colleagues and human beings. A special thanks to my teammates and managers for the continuous support and guidance through all the trainings, changes, daily troubles and etc.

You guys are truly amazing and I’ve enjoyed working, learning, and interacting with all of you.

While I won’t be in the office anymore I hope you’ll keep in touch. My LinkedIn profile is below and I would love to get together for a drink or two (who is even counting)? 🙂


I wish you the best of luck!



Tips On How to Write the Best Farewell Message

What should be in a good-bye email, when it should be sent, who should get it, and how to write your own are all covered in this section. You can also see the below tips to help you write your own:

• Emails should not surprise you. It is very important to write a goodbye email as soon as the company tells you that you are leaving. You can write your farewell message after you’ve told everyone that you’re leaving.

Take into account the right time. Consider when is the best time to say what you want to say. In order to finish your work, you should not press the “send” button too soon. Not on your last day at work. As a general rule, two or three days before the event is a good idea.

Create an easy-to-read subject line. The subject lines of emails make people want to open them. Take a look at the phrase that “says it all.”

The way things turned out should show that you are thankful and happy. People send farewell emails to say goodbye. You don’t want to moan, spread negativity, or make too many jokes when you’re talking to someone else about this. People are more likely to agree with you if you keep your words short and positive. It should be real, but not too overbearing.

Please give your name and phone number or LinkedIn.

• When you’ve done all of your work. Do it before or on your last day of work. Then, some of your employees may come over to say goodbye when this email is sent out. You might also need some time to talk to them. This is what you should do. Before you send the mass email, make sure everything is in order.

People who want to get an endorsement should write a few words about how someone helped them during their time at the organization. Even if you don’t want to say thank you to everyone, do it with care. If you have time, meet your coworkers before you leave the office and get your luggage. Some of them may find it humiliating, and they may not have the courage to come and say goodbye to you. They may also feel ashamed when they see a layoff. Use your own words to make your farewell unique. You might also talk about how well you fit in with the team, company, or culture. A sense of humor would also help make the letter more interesting, making it more fun to read.

One touching goodbye message to your coworkers leaves a good opinion for you. Even if it costs you just a few minutes of your last day, gather strength and write it down. You will see how your other colleagues are showing their respect to you and you will leave with great feelings.

Closing – Write the Best Farewell Email When You Are Leaving The Company

People hate it when you write them a goodbye message before they leave their job. It is hard for both people who are leaving and people who are staying. But it doesn’t have to be this hard!

You can take a few steps to make sure your goodbye message is useful to both of you. Even if you’re leaving your job, don’t forget that making a good impression is important.

While writing a farewell email to your coworkers may seem simple and easy to forget, it is a common practice and a great way to show that you care. By writing a farewell letter to your coworkers, you can end your job on a good note. Even if you didn’t like your job, this is a great way to end it. As a bonus, it’s also a great way to keep your professional network alive and well. You never know when you and a former coworker might be able to help each other out again.

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