Order Confirmation Email - Free Phrases and Examples
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Order Confirmation Email – Free Phrases and Examples

You receive an order confirmation email when you complete your order on a site. This email must contain the name of the product you ordered. Also the order number, the value of the goods, and in addition your names, address, and method of payment.
Read and find some of the best phrases and sample emails for an order confirmation email.

Phrases to confirm the order


Dear Sir
Dear Mr. Carrol
To whom it may concern

We apply

We include
We add
We enclose

Your purchase number 901 from

your order no. 901 dated
your command no.901 of
your demand no.67 from

As you required

As requested
As you ask
As you wish

The delivery

the sending
the expedition
the consignment

Ready for shipment

ready for delivery
on the ship
OK to be sent

Delivery department is currently processing

is responsible for
has disposed of
is currently processing

Signed in accordance with the regulations

correctly signed
duly signed
signed as required


I am extremely grateful
Thanks a lot
We thank you


can’t wait for
look forward to
can’t wait for

Sample sentences to confirm the order

Confirmation of the purchase

We are pleased to acknowledge your order.
We are in receipt of your order no. 901.
Thank you for your order.
We enclose the duplicate duly signed in acknowledgment of your order.

Confirm order fulfillment

Your order is already being processed/being dealt with.
We have pleasure in confirming that …
Our dispatch department is processing your order.
We have noted/ recorded your order for … (goods).

Notify of delay

We will require … days/weeks to process this order.
Owing to an unfortunate delay, I regret to inform you that delivery can only be made from … onwards/in a week’s time.
Delivery has been delayed.
We would like to inform you/Please note that your order only reached us on…


I’m afraid your order has been lost/has gone missing.
Could you possibly send us a duplicate/a copy of your order?
We regret to inform you that the goods/items ordered are out of stock/no longer in stock/no longer available.

Confirm delivery time

The goods ordered are available for immediate delivery.
We confirm that we are able to deliver before the end of the month.
Delivery will be made in accordance with/according to your instructions.
Delivery will be made by …(date) as requested.
We will inform you when the consignment is ready for delivery.

Offer a substitute

Our model no.901 is very similar/of similar quality.
We can, however, offer you a substitute.

Order confirmation email examples



We acknowledge you that goods shipment has been completed.

If you have questions regarding your order or this statement, please visit our website, www.yourwebsite.com/contact for a complete listing of company telephone numbers and other contact information.

We wish you a nice day!



Thank you for your purchase! Your order has been shipped.

Your order:
Sleeve Buttoned Blouse
pink/ L
Subtotal $26.10
Shipping $4.99





Below we send you the details of the order.

Order number: 901
Delivery method: Personal address
Method of payment: Payment by card

Sincerely yours,


Subject: The shipment with your order 901 has been sent

We inform you that your order № 901 is ready for shipment and expects to be picked up by the courier.

Bill of lading number: 901.

The approximate delivery time of the order is indicated for each product. Usually, the trip of the shipments to the USA takes from 2 to 4 working days.


Subject: Your order confirmation with number 901


Thank you for shopping on (COMPANY NAME).

This is a confirmation of your order. Your order number is 901.

Delivery time is 3 – 9 working days. When we send your order, you will receive an invoice in the specified email.

If you need to contact (COMPANY NAME), please prepare your order number so that we can provide you with the best possible service.


You can use the free phrases and examples to confirm your order through an email.

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