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How To Write a Letter of Recommendation + Amazing Examples

Writing a letter of recommendation shouldn’t be a complicated task.
You’re writing the letter of recommendation about somebody whom you feel you know very well.
Except that you will learn the best way that you can write your letter of recommendation in this post, you will also find our amazing examples.

You will very easily find the most appropriate way to write a breathtaking recommendation letter. But, please note that there are standard things that you need to follow to make an impression on the writer.

Example letter of recommendation

What do I need in my letter of recommendation?

1. Date
2. Title
3. Your name
4. The name of the person that you recommend
5. Content
6. Telephone numbers
7. Email Addresses

First paragraph

In the main section of a recommendation letter, you uncover your relationship with the individual you are proposing. This includes how you’ve met them, and why you propose him/her for a particular job or school.

Example: I met Susan when she was in my Central Money course at WVU. I got the chance to work with her on three projects and she was doing a great job as my assistant.

Second paragraph

The second segment of a recommendation letter contains more information about the individual you are writing about. This may include why they are ready for this position, what they can contribute, and why you are proposing them.

Example: Bill graduated with excellent performance at the University of Economy. He always put all his energy into each task assigned to him. Furthermore, he put his whole heart into everything he did. I can assure you that Bill will quickly integrate into your environment and will be able to contribute in every way with the best of himself. He is a wonderful person, and it’s a real enjoyment to work with him.

Third paragraph

When you are writing a letter recommendation it needs to contain information on how the individual can contribute to the position they are applying for.

Example: I can assure you that Christine would be a is the choice the best choice you can choose from among all the candidates. When I worked with her at ABC, I was flabbergasted by her willingness to present in an amazing way in front of our customers. During the two years of working with hers, she found two new big customers from Asia and Africa.

The third paragraph of the recommendation letter contains a short description of why you are proposing this person. Use phrases like “definitely recommend,” or “best choice” or “strongly recommend“.

Example: During my collaboration with Joanne, she has always been very useful, a great interlocutor, and a wonderful social organizer. I would definitely give my vote to her for the position of office boss at CDO Inc.


Letter of Recommendation For a School/University From a Teacher

I have been working at the National School of Culture for 31 years as an English Language Teacher. I have known Christine for about 5 years her. She is a student with high intellectual potential.

Christine’s interests are also in the field of humanities such as English and
Italian Language, Philosophy and History. As far as English is concerned, Christine has permanent and expressed interests and pursuits. In our discussion classes, she always defends convincingly her point of view. All this she harmoniously combines with the present-day problems of society and the issues of modern life.

She does things not because they should be done, but because she needs the room and freedom to develop her profound knowledge. She has always tried to be perfect in every aspect.
Christine is a student who has always been and still is in one of the top places in the list of my students, academically, as well as personally.
She is also a hard-working, open-minded, creative, well-read person with interests and knowledge in other fields, too.

Christine is a strongly concerned and very responsible person. A person you can rely on. You can assign whatever tasks there are and whatever problems there are to be solved. As a whole, a person you can trust. She is a member of the board of the School Student Council.

Christine is also a very sociable person, a person who establishes contacts easily. She is also a member of the “Youth dance ensemble of NSCC”. She is also very considerate and diligent, treating her friends with kindness and understanding. Always ready and willing to help her classmates if they need it.

Christine distinguishes for her exclusive assiduousness, consistency, and strong-mindedness. She works over herself, which manifests in her development as an intelligent personality. As a person, she is responsible for her actions and one can rely on her and expect from her.

I have great faith in her abilities and I believe that in the future she will achieve even greater results in her prospective studies. And this is because of her ambitiousness, intellectual potential, submissiveness to perfectionism, skillfulness, and integrity. She is seeking to reach the very summit, not just the golden mean.

I recommend Christine, as a very reliable candidate, because I am sure
she will make an excellent university student, taking the opportunities offered by your university.


Letter of Recommendation For a School/University From a Teacher

I have known Antonia for about 5 years and I have been working with her since then. She is a very intelligent student which intelligence she reveals in different ways, especially in the field of humanities.

She has also broad cultural interests and profound knowledge acquired in the course of study, which prepare our graduates for the challenges of higher education abroad.

Antonia is a student who is eager to learn, always full of ideas, and feels delighted in discussing the problems life offers us. She also distinguishes with her thoroughness in the individual projects treated by her. As her teacher, I would like to say a few more words regarding her work.

Antonia has a great insight into the language, which is evident in the unusual and non-standard approach, which she has in her written and oral work. Her essays are highly imaginative and so natural, so pure and beautiful that one cannot but believe them and feel oneself into, and of course, read them with great interest.

On the other hand, they are very philosophical and one can clearly see the way Antonia perceives the world and the people that surround her. She has always been ready to discuss different topics and express her point of view. During the years that we have worked together, Antonia has shown great fervor and enthusiasm, thus achieving significant results.

Antonia is also a very sociable person, a person who easily establishes contacts. She is extremely considerate and diligent, treating her schoolmates and classmates with kindness and understanding, always trying to help them in case they have a problem.

Antonia also has permanent and expressed sports interests and pursuits /she plays in the school’s volleyball team/, which she combines with these in literature and dance.

During her school years, Antonia has always achieved excellent results in her studies, because of her intelligence, erudition, and ambitiousness. She has always tried to be perfect in every aspect, and not only tried but has also achieved it. That is why I have great faith in her abilities and I believe that in the future she will achieve even greater results in her studies.
I recommend Antonia as a very reliable candidate.

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