See Details Below or See Below Details
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See Details Below or See Below Details? (+Examples)

Confused about which phrase to use when referencing more details? Learn the difference between “see details below” and “see below details,” how to use them correctly, and when to use each in your writing.

Which One is Correct: See Details Below or See Below Details?

The correct way to tell someone to look at certain information listed below in а correspondence is using see details below. This is the grammatically correct structure.

As an adverb, the word “below” means at or to a lower level, position, or place. It follows the noun and in most cases placed at the end of the sentence. In our case, the word “details” is the noun that is followed by the adverb “below” (which describes where you will find the details).


I checked the order and found that one of the fields is empty, please see the screenshot below.
Request details are given below.
I believe the highlighted field below is the one needing a review.
More details about the document you can find in the description below.
You can check the correspondence below.

See Details Below

What Means See Details Below?

Often used in business correspondence when you want to explain to someone that the information he needs is listed below.


Subject: Important information for your account

Dear Jessica,
We hope you’re doing well and enjoying the benefits of our product.
In order to keep your account secure, we need you to provide us with a few details of yours. Please take a moment to fill out the data given below so that we can ensure your account is up and running smoothly.
Primary contact:
Thanks for taking the time to do this. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

ABC Company

Other Ways to Say See Details Below

1. See the information below

As meaning is the same as “see the details below”. Information and details are synonyms. Both phrases are typically used as an instruction to direct someone to read more information that is provided elsewhere. It is often used at the end of a paragraph or section of the text, letting readers know that there is more information available. The phrases can be used in both written and spoken formats, such as in emails and conversations.

2. Find details below

Instead of using “see”, you can say “find”. It is another polite way of asking someone to look at the information that has been provided. The phrase can also be used to encourage someone to look for more information on a certain topic, such as “Find details below about our company’s history”.

3. See the description below

It’s often used whenever more information is needed to understand a certain concept. It indicates that further details can be found in the following section or paragraph, which provides a more comprehensive explanation of the concept. This phrase is commonly used in documents and other written material and can help readers better understand the context of what they are reading.

4. Check the details below

It’s usually a helpful reminder to double-check all of the important details before taking any action.

5. The points are listed below

The phrase “The points are listed below” is commonly used in written communication to indicate that a list of items, ideas, or topics will follow.

Closing Thoughts

When directing someone to examine additional information within a letter or email, the proper phrase to use is “see details below”. “See below details” is not correct and shouldn’t use it.

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