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10 Excuses to Leave Work Early (+10 Perfect Sample Messages)

Need to leave work early? We’ve got you covered. Get inspired by these 10 excuses and 10 sample messages to help you leave work early. Get the tips you need to make sure your excuses are believable and backed up.

10 Excuses To Leave Work Early

Excuses to Leave Work Early

1. You need to go to the bank or other institution

You can use it as an excuse because it closes earlier than the end of your working day and there’s no other time during the week to go there.

Sample Message

I kindly request permission to leave work early today. I need to go to the bank and take care of a few important tasks that cannot wait until the end of my shift.
I understand that this may cause some inconvenience, but I would be happy to make up the time by coming in earlier tomorrow morning or staying late on Friday if needed. I’m confident that I can finish the tasks at hand before the end of my shift today and make up for any extra time taken off.

2. An appointment at a dentist, or doctor

It has happened to everyone and is one of the most common excuses for leaving work early.

Sample Message

“I am writing to request an early leave from work today as I have an appointment at the dentist. I would really appreciate it if you could grant me this request as the appointment was scheduled on short notice.”

3. Planned holiday

For example, when you are going on a trip and prefer to leave early while it is still daylight or wants to arrive early for dinner.

Sample Message

“I am hoping to leave work early today because I am going on a vacation after work and this way, I’d be able to hit the road while it’s still daylight outside. I understand that this may not be the most ideal situation, however, it would really help me out if I could leave a few hours earlier than usual.”

4. To pick up the children from kindergarten

With this excuse, we will not surprise any parent. Everyone has experienced it, and it probably happens to him often mentions it to his boss.

Sample Message

“I’d like to request to leave work early today, as I need to pick up the children from kindergarten. I have no other option as my partner cannot pick them up today due to a sudden work commitment. I am happy to make up any time lost as soon as possible and will ensure that my current projects are completed before I go.”

5. To take your pet to the vet

But be careful, if you use it you must have a pet or you’ll look ridiculous the next time it comes up in the office about pets.

Sample Message

“I would like to request your permission to leave work early today so I can take my pet to the vet.
My pet has been experiencing some troubling symptoms lately, and I’d feel more comfortable getting him checked out before it gets worse. He needs a quick checkup and I anticipate being back within a few hours. I understand if this is not possible and will be happy to come back after our closing hours if needed.”

6. To pick up your car from a repair shop

To use this excuse you must certainly own a car.

Sample Message

“My car broke down and had to be sent to a repair shop. I need to pick it up around midday and was hoping if I could leave work a little earlier today?”

7. Have to catch a flight

If you use this excuse surely your boss will let you leave work early.

Sample Message

“I am writing to politely request an early leave from work today. I have a flight to catch and it’s scheduled for {time}. Thank you in advance for your understanding!”

8. A problem at home

Someone from the family has forgotten their key somewhere and can’t unlock the front door, or a storm has come up and the windows need to be closed.

Sample Message

“I’m writing to let you know that I need to leave work a bit early today. My husband has forgotten his keys at work and now he is not able to unlock the front door without them. I need to go home and help him out.”

9. You have an important event coming up

An event like a workshop or bachelorette party you’re organizing.

Sample Message

“I’m writing to ask for your permission to leave work early on {date}. The reason is that I need to attend a workshop on {topic}. The workshop is important for me as it will help me improve my skills in {a specific field} and better serve the company. I would really appreciate it if you could grant my request.
Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information from me.”

10. To be able to go to a shop, or courier company before it closes

Sample Message

“I am writing to request an early leave today, as I need to go to one shop before it closes. I have already completed all my scheduled tasks for the day and believe I can leave at 4 pm instead of the regular 5 pm.”

Ways to Inform Your Boss

1. Via email

If you know that you need to leave work early (for example, from the day before), you can send a polite email and explain why and when you need to leave early. The earlier your boss knows you’ll be absent the better for the job.

2. Via Teams or Zoom

This is the preferred way to send your excuse to leave work early. It happens quickly and the boss should get back to you in less time than through email.

3. A Message or Call

This way you can send your excuse if your boss is not in the office.

4. Personally

The most convenient and easy way as long as you are near your boss and he is not busy with some work.

What to Answer When You Have a Positive Answer

When your boss has already responded that he approves of your leaving early you must respond with a thank you message, and you can also add that you have still thought about your work and that you will either be able to finish it on time, complete it the next day or turn it over to a colleague.

1. You can simply answer with a phrase like “Thank you for your understanding.”, “Thank you!” or “I really appreciate it.”

2. You can explain that you will compensate as you work extra hours on the next day.

3. Or explain that you have already made arrangements with your colleagues to take over tasks that you need to finish.

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