At Your Earliest Convenience
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At Your Earliest Convenience

What is the Meaning of ”At Your Earliest Convenience”?

Аt your earliest convenience is used to show that you expect something to be done at the most convenient time and in the fastest possible way.

At your earliest convenience is the formal way to say as soon as possible (informal).

The abbreviation is AYEC.

The phrase “at your earliest convenience” is often used in emails. The phrase is often used to politely ask the recipient to reply as soon as possible. It can also be used to indicate that the sender will do something at a later date when they are able. For example, “I’ll call you back at your earliest convenience.” It can also be used when there are no other options available. For example, “I’ll call you back at your earliest convenience or I’ll contact you by email.”

Alternatives of ”At Your Earliest Convenience”:

1. As quickly as possible – This phrase is usually used as a way to emphasize the speed of something. When someone says “as quickly as possible” it means that the person wants to accomplish something as soon and as efficiently as possible.
2. As soon as possible – The phrase ‘as soon as possible’ has a few different meanings depending on the context. In one situation, ‘as soon as possible’ may specifically refer to a deadline or an assigned project. In another, it may be referring to something like service or self-care, where it’s something that you should do regularly and not just when you’re feeling like it.
3. Quick as you can – This phrase is an idiom that means to do something as quickly as possible. The ‘quick’ side refers to how quickly you do something and the ‘can’ side refers to your skillset. Using these two together, it is easy to see that the phrase means you have to act fast with everything you’ve got.
4. As soon as may get a chance – means you have to do it when you get the opportunity to do it.
5. Soonest – means to act as soon as possible.

Sample Sentences Using ”At Your Earliest Convenience”:

1) Please let us have your order at your earliest convenience since suppliers are limited.

2) We enclose our most recent catalog to give you an indication of the materials available. Please review it and provide your feedback at your earliest convenience.

3) If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please fill out the attached form at your earliest convenience.

4) With reference to your inquiry of 6th March, we have pleasure in enclosing a quotation for the goods specified. Please inform us if you would like to place an order at your earliest convenience since our goods are limited.

5) Please confirm at your earliest convenience.

6) We hope you will give this proposal your kind consideration, and look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

7) We refer to your recent inquiry regarding our conditions of payment. Our terms are 30 days. As the term expires after 2 days we advise you to make the payment at your earliest convenience.

8) Please review the attached documents carefully and sign at your earliest convenience.

9) Please return the contract at your earliest convenience.

10) As we have not yet received your payment, we would be grateful if you could forward your remittance at your earliest convenience.

11) You can find the required documents attached. Please review them carefully and sign at your earliest convenience.

12) I would be very grateful if you could send me the quote with the prices you mentioned at your earliest convenience.

13) We should have a call tomorrow or at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss this matter.

14) At your earliest convenience, can you reach out to us so we can assist you with your inquiry?

15) I’m following up with you about (task) for your convenience. If it’s possible, please send me a quick note when you have a moment to do it.

16) If you could send me a message back at your earliest convenience, it would be really helpful!

17) We have a new project launching soon so we are in need of your data ASAP. Please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

18) Hope you’re doing well and have had a great start to your year. Would you be available at your earliest convenience to discuss an upcoming assignment?

Nevertheless, Sometimes You Have to Say No

Remember that you are not a robot and no matter how important something is, you may already be overwhelmed and refuse the person who wants something done as soon as possible. Saying no is an important part of time management. You should be selective about the things you take on because it can be difficult to say no and still maintain a healthy work-life balance.

If you’re looking for a way to say no that doesn’t make you feel bad, here are some phrases that will help:

“I’m sorry but I’m not able to commit right now.”

“I would love to help but my schedule is really tight.”

“It’s not a good time for me.”

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