The Best Resources For Learning English
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The Best Resources for Learning English

As English learners have joined various online English courses, there are competitive challenges in different areas. It is also important to have “me-time” spared in order to grow your English skills by yourself.

If you have been learning English for a while, you might be wondering how to improve your English in different areas in which you are struggling.

You have come to the right page since I have some free gifts for you.

I know that the courses that you have participated in themselves have cost you some money. You don’t need to pay any single dime anymore to hone your English skills.  I am only encouraged to share with you the free resources that you can use to improve your English skills.

These are the best resources for learning English that you can consider checking out:

1. Duolingo

Duolingo has millions of active users across the globe. It is one of the best platforms that you can choose to learn English courses and hone your vocab and grammar skills. When it comes to Duolingo, you’d agree that learning does not have to be boring. It may differ from your traditional school or university education.

The website provides fun materials, such as interactive games and quizzes. If this proposition has piqued your interest, you could just go ahead and do it. It has good ways of teaching all of the learners with very great materials.

You can complete each lesson in your own phase, without any pressure from your teachers or peers. It will also let you choose your own lesson plans and goals, with the freedom to monitor your progress in real-time.

2. Live Mocha

Live Mocha is also a fun resource to choose from. The website allows you to learn English right from a real native speaker. If your focus is to learn from a trustworthy source, then Live Mocha can be the best pick for you. You can join with the community of the learners and help each other with your peers. There are various lessons that you can choose from. The multiple resources can help you to broaden your knowledge and skills at your own phase. Choose your own plan, execute, and enjoy the results while rewarding yourself with your excellent English!

3. News in Levels

Reading news on your gadget? Instead of using your main language, you could also follow the news in English. News in Levels has abundant content that can inspire and help you to learn more flexible English. The news stories, articles, and many other pieces of content come in three different levels.

So, you can read the news based on your current level, without pressure or hassle.

4. The EF English Grammar Guide

As the name suggests, this free resource provides good materials which can help you to improve your English grammar. It is very easy to explore the site to find interesting grammar topics and exercises. The lessons in this guide can help you to improve your grammar skills.

5. Free Rice

You can use Free Rice to improve your English vocabulary for free. This resourceful site comes with fantastic content to enjoy. The main engine of the course is a vocabulary quiz with multiple choices. The site has a leveling system. So, after mastering new vocabs, you will move up to the new levels. The service is free. But you can donate them if you want to.

6. EF SET Exam

The EF SET Exam is another amazing free English resource to improve your skills. It is a free language test site whose main objective is to identify your level. The scoring system for the course is based on the standards of the European Council. The exam is relatable for employers and university learners. You can participate in the exam and attain the online certificate after finishing it.

7. ESL Lounge

This site offers dozens of reading comprehension exercises. These exercises can help you to improve your English reading skills, speaking skills, as well as grammar skills.

8. TED Education

TED-Ed is one of the best sources of English learning. It is quite popular because the program itself invites the top profiles in many different industries. Keep in mind that TED-Ed is different from TED Talks. TED-Ed, as the name suggests, focuses on education.

Each video shared in this program is tweaked with the lesson, which includes questions to challenge the users to assess their understanding. There are also open-ended questions in which you can participate to help you hone your English skills. Most videos are short. So, it is a great option for those who want to learn English in chunks.

9. BBC Learning English

 The BBC Learning English is a product of the BBC. As you’d expect from this site, it has extensive content for common English learners across the globe.

The site has abundant free resources which can be pretty vibrant for all learners. If you need a new approach in your learning process, you could stick to this site. There are courses at different levels which you can access.

Too bored? Don’t worry. You could watch online drama to improve your vocab, grammar, and listening. You can also learn many new things from the news and selected English articles.

There are also programs for kids, teenagers, and adults that you could check.

10. Learn English with the British Council

The British Council is one of the most popular educational entities in the world. Many of the hundreds of branches in many countries around the world have endorsed the educational institution in the English language niche. In this case, the British Council Learn English is a free resource that you want to choose to hone your skills in English.

In this particular service, you will find free materials in the form of video and audio for particular learners, regardless of their status and backgrounds.

This site is basically working for all ages and levels. Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, you could visit the site and reap the benefits from it now.

The materials vary from games, mini soap operas, podcasts, articles, discussions, and many more.

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