6 Best Apology Letter Examples
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6 Best Apology Letter Examples

Sometimes you don’t need to just say sorry, you also have to explain in more detail what went wrong, what is the reason for the delay. In this way, the client will feel more special and they will take more personally your apology. Choose one of our 6 best apology letter examples in order to make your customer happy again (or at least a little bit more happier).


Subject: Apologies for a technical issue

Hi Justin,

Apologies, this is a mistake on our end.

Your request has been forwarded to our Technical Centre for further assistance with your query.

Again, deepest apologies, this is not something that has occurred before.

I remain available for any other matters.



Subject: Apologies to Mr. Polk

Dear Oleg,

We are really sorry to hear about the unhappy support that you’ve recently had. We value our customers and we don’t want to make you feel bad!

I would like to ensure you that such inappropriate support shall not be repeated in the future. And hopefully, you will forgive us for the unacceptable situation.

If you need to further discuss this case, we are open to schedule a meeting with you. Otherwise, you are free to call me anytime on my phone number – (FILL YOUR PHONE NUMBER).

We look forward to continuing to serve you as a valued customer.



Subject: Apology email for delayed delivery

Dear Ms. Brown,

This is an email to follow up a letter received on 21st January 2019.

On behalf of company (NAME) we would like to apology for delayed delivery of service (SERVICE NAME). We are always trying to reach our estimated lead times, but this time a small oversight from our side has caused a delay to your end.

We look forward to being able to serve your company better in the future!

Once again, please forgive this delay and feel free to reach us anytime.



Subject: Apology e-mail to company (CLIENT’S COMPANY NAME)

Good Afternoon Ms. Hassel,

We just received your complain about the issue that you have faced.

First, we would like you to accept our sincerely apologies and we hope that the happened problem will not affect to the current good relationship that our company meets with you. We value your feedback and kindly be informed that it will reviewed by our Manager.

We are looking forward for a more positive co-operation and we can guarantee that this will not happen again.

Thank you for your time once again for sending your feedback.

We are wishing you a great day and happy upcoming weekend!

Faithfully yours,


Subject: Apology for bad customer experience to company (CLIENT’S NAME)

Dear Customer,

I’m writing this email to apologize on behalf of our company (NAME) for the inconvenience that our service has caused to you. We regret to hear about the bad support that have been provided to you. Usually, our employees are learnt to respect and be polite to our customers. We will definitely investigate the situation and take the necessary actions.

We are always trying to improve the customer’s experience and thus, we hope that this will not affect to our business cooperation. Hope we will continue the same relation as we previously had.

Once again, please accept our apologies and be aware that we’ve already informed our higher management about this unprofessional behavior.

Please do not hesitate to share your feeling with us and to contact for any queries!



Subject: Apology letter to Mr. Williams

Dear Mr. Williams,

I’m writing this message to formally apologize for the problem that you experienced due to our internal mistake. We hope that you will accept our apologize and you will continue to be one of our most loyalty customers.

We understand the inconvenience that you have faced and we extremely apologize that you had to go through this unpleasant situation. 

In return from our side, you will receive a quick response to your issues and the best resolution. And as s good will gesture you will receive 10% discount from your next monthly payment.

Yours Sincerely,

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