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Business trip phrases and tips

Business trips are a way to meet colleagues from another country/office, to exchange information, to share opinions about the company, and most often to attend a presentation. This presentation may be related to present the company, presenting a team, or a new product.

The preparation for business travel is very similar to a normal preparation for a holiday abroad, but with a few small differences, which we will consider in this post.

I. Business trip – are you prepared?

Before you go on a business trip you will need to register for this business trip on your company’s system and get approval. It’s called International Air Travel Expense Approval. You need to fill travel start and end date, flight expenses, destination, event.
It is important to exchange money if you are traveling to a country with a different currency.

II. What costs should the company cover?

1. Travel – the employer owes travel money needed to move the employee to the country of secondment and back.

2. Accommodation – in respect of accommodation money the employer is not obliged to pay these costs unless the parties agree otherwise.

3. Food costs (daily expenses) – you pay your expenses and then get your money back after you show the receipts.

III. Business trip phrases

1. At the airport/ on the plane

I’d like to buy a ticket.

I have an e-ticket.

I’d prefer a window seat.

Where can I check-in/ pick up my language?

What is the boarding time?

Where is the waiting room?

Where is the luggage room?

May I take this bag into the cabin?

What time do we arrive?

2. At the hotel

I would like a single/double room.

Is the breakfast included?

I booked a room in the name of …

At what time is breakfast?

Could you please make up my room?

Would you prepare the bill?

What time do I need to check out?

3. In a taxi

Please take us to this address.

How much will the taxi cost?

Can you give me a receipt?

How long does it take to get to the airport?

4. Meeting

Where the meeting will take place?

When does the meeting start?

I apologize for interrupting you but could you please repeat the last sentence?

In my opinion, this is …

Absolutely, I agree with you.

I can’t agree with you, because ..

May I add something about …

Thank you for your presentation today. It was really helpful.

It was a pleasure meeting you today.

I will look forward to meeting you again.

5. Additional expressions

Is there a restaurant nearby?

Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to …?

Where is the nearest subway station?

Which line reaches …

Which is the next stop?

Where is the nearest ATM?

Do you accept credit cards?

I need a receipt.

What sights are worth seeing here?

Could you recommend me a good shopping center?

IV. What to put in your suitcase?

1. Money 2. ID card 3. Passport 4. Umbrella 5. Food 6. Watch 7. Charger 8. Blouses 9. Pants 10. Underwear 11. Pyjama 12. Makeup/accessories 13. Hairdryer 14. Medicals 15. Hairbrush 16. Shampoo/Hair conditioner 17. Toothbrush/ Toothpaste 18. Soap 19. Bags 20. Parfum 21. Slippers 22. Swimwear 23. Shoes

Business accessories

1. Laptop 2. Laptop charger 3. Business phone 4. Notebook 5. Business Cards 6. Laptop mouse

V. Recommendations

*Please keep your receipts. You will need to prove your spending on food, taxi, or some other expenses.

*Book a hotel near the business building where the business meeting/presentation will take place.

*Check the timezone.

Business trips are getting more and more popular. One company may have different entities all around the world and this the best way to diversify our work. And furthermore to meet personally the colleagues that we work with every day.

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