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Human Resource Management: What It Is аnd How Important It Is?

Human resource management is today something necessary. There are so many area assignments that the professional needs to understand and know how to manage their functions well to ensure a good assertive and strategic performance.

In a survey published by Business Review, 53 companies with good human resource management practices had their indexes monitored on stock exchanges. The result: the performance of these companies was 51% higher than the market average, a significant number. For more information about the business, you can check at Zoe Talent

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While there is still little cutting-edge research providing information on the effectiveness of human resource management, one thing is certain: it has a major impact on the survival and growth of the entire organization.

If you understand the subject poorly and want to deepen your knowledge, keep reading our article. We will explain what is human resources management, what is its importance and what are the main practices within companies. Good reading!

What is human resource management?

In recent years, one of the most changed management areas is people management. A few decades ago the area was called the Personnel Department, the DP, and its mission was to ensure the effectiveness of the bureaucratic relationship between the company and employees.

Today’s human resources management has many other names, such as people management, human and organizational development, and people & management. Over time, its mission has also evolved, today is to promote organizational growth through talented professionals, integrated and motivated to achieve great goals.

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In this sense, in addition to a sector of the company, people management is a set of practices. It involves attracting talent, integrating with the work team, measuring results, strategic planning, and daily team motivation.

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How important is human resource management?

More than talk, we need to present research that proves the importance of people management for companies, so there is a solid basis for discussion.

First, companies that have good people management practices can architect a quality work environment. According to research, this quality of life makes professionals up to 86% more productive and business up to 70% more profitable. In addition to secondary impacts such as increased profit.

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Some research indicates that only 39% of working hours are productive, less than half a day’s work. Proper people management can change that! You can create a sense of urgency, manage time, goals and daily priorities.

Even customer service is impacted. According to a study by Exame, 86% of customers migrate to competition because of poor service. With the right people management, where professionals are trained and motivated, clients can be better served and loyal to the business.

Finally, as Harvard Business research shows, every business is outperforming the market and standing out from the competition, essential to growth. So with people management, everyone benefits.

How to apply human resources management in the company?

Set challenging goals

Acting without clear goals and objectives is like “navigating” without a compass, the dangers are many and can affect the entire enterprise. So one of the most important practices for people management is setting smart and challenging goals.

Goals may be correlated with increased productivity or reduced costs with talent dropout, for example. Ideally, these goals should meet the SMART standard or be created in Objectives and Key Results format.

Attract above-average professionals

Amid the scarcity of skilled labour in the market, another duty of today’s HR is to design an attractive and effective employer brand to attract above-average professionals. In this way, it is possible to make the best talent to foster the selection process, be integrated into the work team and be part of the company.

To this end, several practices can be implemented, for example building the employer brand or creating the company’s career page.

Set up an internal regulation

It is very important to have a regulation that makes it clear what is allowed and what is not in the company, so everyone can act in synergy with organizational policy. The rules of procedure need not be large but should discuss the main critical points. It will also be essential for the integration of new talent.

Invest in building high-performance teams

In addition to worrying about attracting and hiring talented people, human resources management should focus on building high-performing teams. These teams have a passion for work, are not afraid of change and are looking for better results. The question is how to form high performing teams?

In this sense, you need to know the main tips to integrate people and engage the team in the search for specific results. Soon, great results will be achieved!

Implement better communication channels

Not always mentioned, communication is also essential for people management and must be properly worked out. When there is no dialogue, the number of mistakes grows, the organizational climate is impacted and people do not understand what to do.

Improving internal communication, including dialogue with jobseekers, requires appropriate communication channels. Mobile applications, corporate social networks, and specialized platforms are some examples.

What is the role of technology in today’s people management?

Today, it is not possible to forget the role of technology. She is increasingly present in people management, helping to automate some tasks, reduce errors and operational costs. Thus, there is greater efficiency in what is done!

This growing demand for technology is a reflection of the digital transformation where the real-virtual world is integrating. 56% of companies are already redesigning their HR processes to take advantage of digital tools, says Deloitte study.

In this context, for HR, recruitment and selection software is even more important. It helps automate all hiring, centralize communication, measure results and continually improve. There are other technologies, such as the careers page, that must also be implemented in the company.

As you can see, human resource management is essential for business success and employee motivation. However, care should be taken to implement new practices and apply cutting-edge technologies.

human resource management
human resource management
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