How To Inform Your Clients That You Are Leaving The Company
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How to Inform Your Clients That You Are Leaving The Company

Before leaving your workplace, you must inform your closest customers that they will no longer be served by you. You need to give them feedback on your partnership and leave your contacts on LinkedIn, your email, or phone so you can maintain your communication. You can then introduce to the customer the new person who will manage their account.
You do not need to write an email to each of your clients, you can only write to those with whom you have had more frequent communications and who often contacted you.

In this post, you will find 7 very good sample emails of how to inform your clients that you are leaving the company.

Sample emails of how to inform your clients that you are leaving the company


Dear valued customer,

I’m writing you this email to inform you that this Friday is my last day in this company. It was a great pleasure for me to work with you and I was happy to answer any of your questions. Thank you for the trust you had in me and for the opportunity to get to know each other. Of course, I will be happy to continue our communication, this is my personal email – (EMAIL). You can also add me to LinkedIn.

Wish you the best!



Dear Tom,

I regret to inform you that today is my last day at the company (COMPANY NAME).
I would like to thank you for your warmest hospitality to me during the last year. The way that we communicated was so kind. You were one of my favorite customers. I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to meet a customer like you.
For any future requests, you can turn to my colleague (COLLEAGUE EMAIL).

Thank you for the collaboration.

With best wishes,


Dear Lisa,

I regret to announce that I’m leaving the company and I wouldn’t be able to support/assist you anymore. I’m extremely grateful that you trusted me during these years and want to say a big thank you that we continued our partnership although there were some issues that we faced.

I wondered if you would like to have a last lunch before I leave the company? We will have the opportunity to discuss my new adventures and talk about possible new projects.

Yours faithfully,


Hi Samantha,

I’m really sorry to tell you that I am opening a new page in my life and I will not be a part of (COMPANY NAME) anymore.
I thoroughly enjoyed our meetings together. The way that we communicated was so friendly and I couldn’t wait to talk with you.

I hope that one day we will again have the opportunity to meet each other again.

I wish you all the best of luck!

Kind regards,


Dear Mr. Johnson,

Fortunately, this time I don’t contact you about a problem but I have other sad news as today is my last day at the company.

I was delighted to meet you personally and I really hope that we can meet again one day. It was always an honor and fun working with you. The way you keep an open and understanding attitude has always impressed and motivated me too for doing more.

Let me introduce you to my new colleague Maria who you will be able to contact when you need something. I am sure she will replace me in the best way.

Yours sincerely,


Dear valued customer,

Unfortunately, I need to inform you that next Friday is my last day at (COMPANY NAME).
I’m due to be at the office next week for the last time and I was wondering if we could meet and say goodbye? I would be grateful if you could come.

Hope to see you soon for our last time at my office.

Best regards,


Hello Olivia, James,

I want to let you know that today is my last day as your Account Manager. I want to thank you were so patient and so kind to me. I really enjoyed your friendly attitude and that made me want to give more of myself so you wouldn’t be disappointed and everything would go smoothly.

I can assure you that your new Account Manager will take care of you in the best way and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

I am happy to have interacted and have known you all this while and hope to keep in touch. Feel free to contact me at (YOUR EMAIL) and (PHONE NUMBER).

Yours truly,

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