How To Inform Your Boss You Quit Your Job
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How to Inform Your Boss You Quit Your Job

There are a few basic rules when you decide to inform your boss that you want to quit your job. These are: don’t be too honest, try to leave a door, you never know what might happen in the future. Be firm, if you are offered a higher salary after you have already decided that this is not the place for you, do not succumb to the temptation of money.

Be grateful! These people have given you the opportunity to receive money for a certain salary, so do not start with bad words and complaints. You never know what might happen and whether one day life will bring you together again.

Before telling your boss that you are quitting, be sure that:

• that you have found something better;
• you think your boss is not treating you well;
• colleagues irritate you;
• your job is boring;

Ways to tell your boss you want to quit:

• in the office – live, which is most recommended;
• by teams – with a video call, recommended if you work from home;
• by email – not recommended;

What you should include in your explanation:

• the bad reasons why you leave work;
• advice on what can change in the company;
• feedback on the work of your boss/colleagues;
• feedback on the atmosphere in the company;
• the new company you will work for (if you wish);
• a thankful explanation for the opportunity to work in this company/team, for the knowledge you have received;

Remember that your boss may one day be the boss of another company, so don’t be too critical. Keep your good relationship.


I would like to inform you that I am leaving my job. It was a great pleasure for me to do my job, but the moment came when I would end this 3-year relationship.
As the main reason for this decision, I would point out the ratio between the salary and the workload. For what I do as a job, I think the pay should be much higher. Since I am not valued in time, I think I should end our relationship.
I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful moments we had and because I had the opportunity to meet you and all my colleagues. For all the training and knowledge I have gained over the years.


I have not been satisfied with my work here for several months and I want to quit. There are several reasons that prompted me to take this step. These are frequent changes in the company, unstructured work, and overtime. I didn’t want it to quit, but I haven’t seen any change in the company in recent months.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this team and to meet all of you. I hope the company will improve its shortcomings one day. I am left with many positive thoughts and moments.


I have been gathering courage for several days to inform you that I want to leave my job. I have been a part of this adventure for almost seven years and today I want to inform you that I’m quitting. Everything in the company is wonderful salary, colleagues, managers, but I just found my way to self-employment.
I have decided to pursue my dream and I am thinking of starting my own business. I will remember all the wonderful moments and I hope to part with a good relationship.

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