Best Websites for Business English
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Best Websites for Business English

As you want to expand your business internationally, you will learn Business English more and more. In many classes, the teachers might not be able to support you all the time. You will need to be proactive to use the vast array of options to learn English for business.

We are lucky since we live in an era where everything is available online. All you need to do is browse online, and there are many websites to access to help you with business English learning. Don’t just wait for the course appointment to happen. Whenever you have free time to learn more, you will want to use that opportunity to attain more skills and knowledge. These are the best websites that you can visit and use to improve your business English exponentially:

1. DotDash

This website contains rich information for business people, entrepreneurs, and modern users. You can find many different articles in which you can learn more about business English.

DotDash itself presents portals of information covering many categories, including business, culinary, travel, politics, social, and many more. You need to click on the logo representing the particular topic you want to read, and you will be redirected to the dedicated site.

2. ESL Library

The is another fantastic website to learn about English business more comprehensively. The site offers abundant resources that you can use for English business practices.

3. Copy-paste-emails

Copy-paste-emails presents the visitors with ready-made templates for Business English that you can retrieve to help you improve your language skills. There are sections that you can choose from like written or verbal communication and many others.

4. Blair English

The Blair English website offers more than a dozen free online exercises which focus on the business English categories.

If you want to practice your listening skills, this site is definitely for you. You can listen to the audio hosted on the site to apply the lesson.

In those lessons, the learners will face day-to-day situations.

Furthermore, you can also learn the literacy of English for business, for instance, by writing business letters, reports, essays, contracts, and so on.

5. Learnenglish.British council

The Business English section hosts a series of podcasts that you can access to learn English business right from the site.

Through this platform, you don’t have to install any software whatsoever on your device. You could access the site, pick the lessons you want to learn, and then listen to them.

6. Coursera Business Courses

Coursera is a portal for business English lessons that joins hands with the top universities and educational institutions to provide online courses.

You can access the content through its official website and mobile apps.

The apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Through this page, you will find English courses that can help you hone skills for many purposes, such as speaking, planning, writing, reading charts, negotiation, persuasion, networking, and many more.

7. English Site offers free plans for users to learn the international business English courses.

The free content is fantastic. The site offers you an ample number of lessons that you can freely access right at home.

The site is also easy and fast to load. It does not take a long time to get access to all the lessons. You will get help through their vocabulary, phrases, and idiom lessons for the business environment.

8. Business English Site

The Business English Site is available at As the name suggests, the site facilitates its visitors with a range of activities to choose from to hone their language skills. During the pandemic, it might be hard to meet up with your peers to practice together. This site can help you to do the practice by yourself. You can customize the exercises to match your business needs.

9. Breaking News English can provide rich materials that you can read in your private class. Many business people independently learn from this website because it has such accurate updates on the articles that are best in structure. You can learn a lot about the language and grammar on this site. On this website, you will also encounter many business phrases that you’ve never heard before.

10. ESL Party Land presents a wide array of materials that you can use to learn the advanced English language for business. It is indeed a great site that already provides lesson plans that you can choose according to your needs and requirements.

11. Business English Resources

The name of the site is straightforward to the point. Through this site, you can access a collection of business English lessons and other relevant free resources. The good thing about this is that you can get them all for free.

Consider accessing their free reading materials and exercises to keep being sharp all the time.

12. Business English Pod

If you are looking for a podcast, this one is indeed for you. The podcast platform focuses on business English content, including the lessons in audio forms.

You can store the lessons on your smartphone, PC, laptop, or other devices so that you can access your business English trainer wherever you go. This podcast platform is an excellent choice for those who are on the go.

The lessons focus on particular activities like meetings, phone calls, interviews, presentations, negotiations, and many more. You can also download the app for an iOS device.

13. Gymglish

Gymglish is a platform that focuses on providing business English lessons and materials for many users across the globe.

You can access this service through its official website, as well as through the Google Chrome extension. These extensions come in two versions. The first version is the one that contains lessons for beginners.

The second one is for individual learners.

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