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How to say ”Don’t worry” in a formal way?

”Don’t worry” – what does it mean? The literal meaning is to tell someone to not worry, not to be upset by certain circumstances. But when you have to use it in cases where you are in a more formal setting, you can replace ”Don’t worry” with one of the phrases listed below.

Here are 14 ways of how to say ”Don’t worry” in a formal way:

1. We should not feel stressed.

2. We should avoid any stressed feelings.

3. It’s nothing to bother.

4. There is nothing to concern about.

5. There is nothing to bother you.

6. Circumstances will change.

7. It’s not a matter of concern anymore.

8. It will not cause you any problems.

9. Everything is under control.

10. Keep your head up.

11. You should stay calm.

12. Keep control of yourself.

13. We will deal with all the problems that come our way.

14. We will deal with all problems that we faced.

You are free to use the above phrases of how to say ”Don’t worry” in a formal way.

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