How Do You Politely Ask for a Discount?
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How Do You Politely Ask for a Discount?

Asking for a discount can help you save a lot of money when buying certain products from the marketplace. But in order to succeed, you will need to know how to politely ask for a discount. If you ask wrongly, not only won’t you get a discount, but you might not be able to get the value for your money.

When asking for a discount from a seller, it does mean you are asking for a favor. Therefore, you must know how to really appreciate the other party so that your persuasion will be successful. Here are the important keys to remember on how to politely ask for a discount:

1. Do it politely

Your tone will influence the result as you request the discount from your seller. If you are able to attain the attention of the seller, it will be easier for you to get discounts. Using a polite tone can bring such a great result for you. They will listen to you if you ask them nicely. When you use a friendly and polite tone, they won’t feel intimidated when you approach them. Not to mention that they will be glad to help you out from the beginning to the end of the bargain.

2. Timing is everything

You must know the right timing to ask for the discounts. The best timing for the discounts is when the business is not struggling for the shops. If you see that the particular shops have been thriving for good and have adequate numbers of customers, then it can be a good time for it. When their business is not booming, it can also be the best timing for discounts.

3. Ask for the right person

When you are having a deal, you’ll want to negotiate with the right person. There are some levels of authority in business. You must focus your approach on the person who has the right access and level to conduct the reduction in the price.

4. Do your homework

You will want to do your research in advance before proceeding. Different places that sell the same items might have different prices. Get the various prices offered by different stores and make a list of your findings. Through the comparison, you will quickly find out which stores you want to focus on to get the best items at discounted prices.

You can also take a look at the same items offered by the other sellers and make a comparison between the quality and prices they offer. As you know, the prices are on average in the market. This kind of information will give you a head-up when you are negotiating the prices with the particular sellers.

5. Appreciate their services and the value of the products

Your return to their store (offline and online) is for a good reason. You could explain to them what values you’ve been getting from them. You could start the interview by saying that they have a good lineup of products for the season.

Appreciate the value that they provide to you using their products. It will be a good opener in the negotiation of the prices.

You can keep them joyful with your appreciation so that it will give you more chances to convince them to give you the discounts.

6. Discounts for specific types of payment

Discounted prices come from different types of payments. However, not all stores really disclose that kind of information to their buyers for some reason. On your part, you will need to know the right way to ask for a discount. For instance, you could ask if there is any alternative payment that they offer, as well as any special offers for the particular types of payment.

For example, if you want to pay in cash, you could ask the store if you can get a price break. Paying in cash can give you a chance to get more discounts from your favorite store. It is because paying cash gets rid of the other fees like administration fees, intermediary fees, and so on.

It could be a long shot when shopping at several stores, but most stores will definitely consider this since it can be a good strategy to make their customers return to their store.

7. Make a compliment

You know that something that you want to purchase does fascinate you. But you don’t have to save it alone. You could let others know. In this case, making a compliment to the staff of the store can be a great idea. You can start your negotiation with a compliment. Only appreciate the products and services that you like. There is no point if you tell them a white lie. With such an honest compliment, it will show them that you like the quality of the products or services they provide. This will give them the motivation to listen to what you say.

You will have the opportunity to use your polite language. It is much easier to convince your sellers if you are being courteous rather than demanding.

The simple phrase “may I get a discount for this item?” can help you a lot in getting the product at a much better price. It does not hurt to excuse yourself before asking for a discount from your seller. It is good behavior that will not only break the ice but also strengthen your relationship.

You could also conduct some polite gestures so that the other person can fulfill your requirements for a good deal. You could approach the seller for that particular purpose. However, make sure to use this trick when the store is not so busy. When the seller is in a hurry, that could be the worst time to choose to ask for a discount. Sellers are also like us who want to get out of the office as soon as the bells ring. But then, a talkative customer wants to use your service. They don’t really care if you are free or not. Now let’s put your shoes on them.

It is important to give them some time to consider the discounts. Don’t be pushy. It will make them ban you from their customer list.

Every time you want to get a great deal from your favorite store, don’t forget to check the series of tips above. You will nail it.

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