Sample Emails to Escalate an Issue
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Sample Emails to Escalate an Issue

Escalating an issue is a critical step in ensuring prompt and effective resolution, especially in a business environment. When an issue is not resolved at the initial level, escalation emails are sent to higher authorities or relevant departments to seek their intervention. This article provides 10 sample emails for escalating an issue, suitable for various scenarios. You can choose the one that fits your situation and modify it for your email. This article also includes subject lines for escalation emails and 4 best practices for writing them.

Sample Emails for Escalating an Issue


Subject: Urgent Escalation: Unresolved Billing Discrepancy

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I am writing to escalate an issue that has remained unresolved despite multiple attempts to address it with the customer service team. The issue pertains to a billing discrepancy on our last invoice (Invoice No. XYZ), which is significantly impacting our financial records.

I kindly request your immediate attention to this matter to rectify the situation and provide a clear resolution.

[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation Required: Delay in Project Delivery

Dear [Project Manager’s Name],

I am escalating an issue regarding the delay in the delivery of Project Alpha. Despite assurances, there has been no progress, affecting our overall timeline and commitments to our clients.

Your prompt intervention to expedite the process would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
[Your Name]


Subject: Immediate Attention Needed: Technical Issue Unresolved

Hi [IT Manager’s Name],

Despite previous reports and follow-ups, the technical glitch in our database system persists, causing significant disruptions in our operations. I am escalating this for your immediate attention and resolution.

Thank you for your prompt response.

[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation: Ongoing Customer Complaint

Hello [Customer Service Manager’s Name],

I am escalating a customer complaint (Case ID: 12345) that has not been adequately addressed for over a week. The customer is extremely dissatisfied and is threatening to terminate their contract.

Your urgent intervention is required to resolve this matter and retain the customer.

Kind regards,
[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation of Safety Concern in Workplace

Dear [Safety Officer’s Name],

I am writing to escalate a safety concern that has been reported multiple times but remains unaddressed. The issue pertains to [specific safety concern], posing a risk to our employees.

Your immediate action to ensure a safe workplace is crucial.

[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation: Incomplete Service Delivery

Hi [Service Manager’s Name],

I must escalate the issue of incomplete service delivery for our recent order (Order ID: 789). Despite assurances, the service remains partially completed, affecting our operational efficiency.

I look forward to a prompt resolution.

[Your Name]


Subject: Urgent Escalation: Compliance Issue

Dear [Compliance Officer’s Name],

I am escalating a compliance issue that has not been resolved despite previous communications. The matter concerns [specific compliance issue], which is critical for our regulatory adherence.

Your immediate attention to this matter is requested.

[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation: Unaddressed Maintenance Issue

Hello [Maintenance Manager’s Name],

I am escalating an unresolved maintenance issue in our facility, specifically regarding [specific maintenance problem]. This has been causing operational difficulties and needs urgent attention.

Thank you for addressing this as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation: Pending Approval Needed

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I am writing to escalate the matter of pending approval for [specific item/decision]. This delay is hindering progress in [specific area or project].

Your prompt action in this regard would be highly appreciated.

[Your Name]


Subject: Escalation of HR Issue

Hi [HR Manager’s Name],

I am escalating an HR issue that has not been resolved satisfactorily. The issue concerns [specific HR issue], and it is impacting team morale and productivity.

I request your intervention to find an amicable and prompt resolution.

[Your Name]

Subject Lines for Your Email When Escalating an Issue

1) Urgent Escalation: [Issue Description]
2) Need Immediate Attention: [Specific Issue]
3) Escalation Required: [Issue Context]
4) Escalation Notice: [Detailed Issue Description]
5) High-Priority Escalation: [Brief Issue Summary]

Sample phrases when you need to escalate an issue

1) I’ll escalate this right away.
2) Could you please provide me with your ticket number so I can help to prioritize or escalate the matter?
3) We’ll escalate this with the support team in our daily call today.
4) I’ll escalate this matter with our higher management.
5) Please excuse us that no one has contacted you yet, I will escalate the ticket to our support center.
6) Please apologize to us for the trouble it has caused you. We have escalated the problem with our delivery team and they have arranged for a replacement to be dispatched immediately.
7) We apologize a lot for the misunderstanding. I’ve asked our chief engineer to arrange to call at your factory to inspect the damage.
8) Once again, we apologize for the caused convenience. As the issue is escalated now, I trust you will get the most adequate help from our technical support.
9) We have taken the matter up with the higher management and will inform you of the results.
10) With reference to our telephone conversation, I can confirm that your issue has been escalated internally.
11) We greatly regret having given you cause for complaint. It has now been escalated.
12) I’m sorry to hear that. Our manager will call you straight back.
13) We have investigated the cause of the problem and have found that a mistake was made because of a system error. This has now been escalated to be fixed as soon as possible.
14) We are sorry to hear that, we escalate the issue internally right now.
15) We regret to hear that our technical support still can’t fix the problem. We’re going to escalate it and we hope that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.
16) We have now taken steps to ensure that such an unpleasant situation and upcoming escalation will not occur in the future.

More short phrases

I please you to escalate …
I kindly ask you to escalate …
We have taken the matter up …
This matter is escalated now.
I would like to inform you that the issue is escalated now.
With reference to our telephone conversation, I can confirm that your issue has been escalated.

Sample phrases when you request an issue to be escalated

1) The problem is really urgent. Please escalate it with your manager.
2) Could you please escalate the order with the vendor? The delivery date was supposed to be yesterday and we need to take quick action.
3) As we haven’t received any response for 5 hours, I kindly ask you to escalate the issue.
4) I didn’t get a response on ticket 1111, please escalate it as soon as possible.
5) We received the wrong product on 12/05/2021 and have been trying to return it for several days, but no one has responded to our messages. We kindly ask you to escalate this matter with the responsible person.

Tips for Writing Escalation Emails

1) Include previous communication – Reference any prior attempts to resolve the issue, including dates and responses received.

2) State the impact – Explain how the unresolved issue is affecting your work or the business.

3) Request specific action – Indicate the type of intervention or resolution you are seeking.


Effective escalation emails are crucial in addressing unresolved issues in a timely and efficient manner. By following the best practices and using the sample emails as a guide, you can ensure your concerns are taken seriously and addressed appropriately. Remember to customize the email to fit your specific situation and maintain a professional tone throughout

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