Out Of Office Message Public Holiday
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Out Of Office Message Public Holiday

At least a few times a year we happen to be absent from work due to the fact that a public holiday is coming – Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Depending on which country you are in, there are different holidays that you celebrate at different times of the year. All these holidays can be summed up in two words – public holidays. When you write out of office message, you might inform the recipient that a public holiday is coming up, but you may not. You can only inform them that you are absent. It all depends on you. But if you do decide to notify them, you can use one of the messages below and put it in your out of office message in Outlook, Zoom, etc.

Out Of Office Messages

1. Please be informed, that we have a public holiday on the 24th of December in England. For that reason, our service will be limited. For urgent cases, we will be available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on our team cell phone with the number: +1111

2. Today is a public holiday in India, therefore, I’m out of the office. For anything urgent, please reach out to (EMAIL). Kindly be informed that limited staffing would be available so there might be a delay in response.

3. Dear sender, We celebrate Patrick’s Day today, therefore, I’m not going to be available for a whole day. Your email will not be forwarded. If there’s anything urgent you can contact our support team – support@company.com.

4. Thank you for your message! On the 4th of July, we have a public holiday. I’ll be out of the office and for any urgent cases, you can contact me on my cell phone at +1111. Wishing a very Happy July 4th!

5. Today is a public holiday in Sweden. I assure you that all your emails will be answered as soon as I return to the office tomorrow. Warmest wishes for a happy holiday!

6. Dear customer, dear colleague,
I’m out of the office until the 23rd of January due to a public holiday in my country. For reasons of confidentiality, your message will not be forwarded. For emergencies, please call the following number: +1111.

7. Dear Sir or Madam,
Due to a public holiday, I’m out of the office and I will be back in the office on Monday, 13th of May. You are welcome to contact (COLLEAGUE’S NAME) with any requests you may have – (COLLEAGUE’S EMAIL).

8. Thank you for your message. We celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the 24th of November and therefore I’ll be out of the office. Please note that I’ll have limited access to my e-mail during this period. For any urgent matters, please contact (EMAIL). Thank you for your understanding.

9. I’m currently out of the office for the upcoming holiday. I will review your message following my return on the 5th of June. If you need immediate assistance, contact (EMAIL).

10. Hi there, I’m away due to a public holiday. I will return to the office on the 12th of April. I’ll do my best to reply to your email as soon as I return to the office.

11. Hello, I’m enjoying the public holiday. You can expect a reply from me on the 28th of November at the earliest. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

12. Greetings, It’s Labor Day in Germany on the 1st of May, therefore, I’m out of the office. I’ll try to respond to your email promptly once I’m back tomorrow.

13. I wanted to wish you a happy Independence Day and remind you that I’m currently out of the office. If you have any urgent queries/issues, please reach out to (EMAIL).

14. I’m currently out of the office. I’ll return on the 6th of June. If something urgent comes up, you can write to this email – (EMAIL). I wish all my compatriots a happy holiday.

15. Due to the fact that the Thanksgiving holiday is coming, I will be away until the 27th of November. You can expect to hear back from me as soon as I return on Monday. Happy holidays!

Your Out Of Office Message Should Include:

1. Greeting (optional):
Dear sender,
Dear colleague, dear customer,
Dear Sir or Madam,
Hi there,
2. The reason you are absent;
3. When you will return;
4. Who they can contact if there is anything urgent;
5. Wishes for a happy holiday:

Wishing you a happy holiday!
Happy holidays!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!
6. Closing (optional):
Kind regards,
Best regards,

You are free to choose a message from the listed above and include it in your automatic out of office message when there’s a public holiday!

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