Out Of Office Sick Leave Message
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Out Of Office Sick Leave Message

When you have to set out of the office message because you’re going on vacation, you’re so excited and can’t wait to become 5 pm and drop the message. But there are times when you have to send an out the office message because you’re sick and it’s really unpleasant. There are those days anyway, and that’s why we’ve shown you some templates that you can copy and paste into your email. The out of office message for sick leave can be added to Outlook, Gmail, and all other email apps.

1. Thank you for your message! I’m out of the office due to the fact that I’m sick. I will check my email when I have the opportunity. If there’s something urgent you can reach out to (YOUR COLLEAGUE EMAIL).

2. Thanks for your message! I’m currently on sick leave. I’d be happy to get well soon so I can reply to you as soon as possible. Until then, you can contact (YOUR COLLEAGUE’S EMAIL).

3. I’m currently sick and will be off work until the 13th of January. At times when I feel better, I will reply to your email. If there are emergency cases, you can contact my manager. His contact details are:

4. Thank you for your message! I’m on sick leave and I will return on the 3rd of March. For all queries related to the sales team, please reach out to sales@company.com, for any other queries/issues please reach out to the support team – support@company.com.

5. Dear customer, dear colleague,
I am on sick leave. Please expect a delay in replying. If there is an urgent matter, please text me on my mobile.

6. Thank you for reaching out to me! Unfortunately, I’m not feeling well and I’m on sick leave. If you need a quick response, please contact (YOUR COLLEAGUE’S EMAIL). Otherwise, I’ll respond to your message as soon as I get back to the office.

7. Thank you for your email. I’m currently out of the office because I’m sick. Whenever I feel better, I’ll respond to your messages. If there’s something urgent that can’t wait, please reach out to (NAME).

8. Thanks for your message. Due to sick leave, I will not be online until November 26. Please be informed that this mail will not be forwarded. I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.
In urgent cases, please reach out to the team:

9. Thank you for your email. I’m on sick leave today. In case of any queries related to sales, billing, or technical issues please raise a ticket through our website and the concerned team member will get back to you.
For any escalation, please contact (EMAIL).

10. Dear Sender, I hope you are well and staying safe! I am on sick leave today with no access to emails. I will be responding to my emails upon my return. For any time-sensitive case, please contact (EMAIL).

Feel free to use a template for an out of office message when you’re out on sick leave.

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