Sample Emails To Announce A Promotion
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5 Sample Emails to Announce a Promotion

Has anyone in your company been promoted? And now you have to announce it? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some sample emails on how to let everyone in your company know that an employee has been promoted.
Before that, let’s explain a few key components of the email and what we should include in them.

How to start your email? 

You can use different salutations such as ”Dear all”, ”Friends” but keep in mind that it should be to all employees. You cannot write ”Dear Sarah”, ”Dear HR Team”, etc.

Start your announcement 

Of course, you should start with enthusiasm and excitement, here are some examples:

● ” I would like to inform you that …” 

● ” On behalf of the company (NAME), I would like to announce that …”

● ” I am pleased to share with you that …” 

● ” I am excited to announce that …” 

● ” I hope you are all very well. In line with our commitment to continually give our employees a chance to rise, I am delighted to announce that …” 

The body of the email

You don’t need to get bogged down in long details, but it’s also important not to fail to communicate these points: 

● The name and new position of the employee to be promoted. 

● The employee’s background (if desired). 

● What they have contributed to the company.

Closing your announcement – prompting to congratulate the new role

Before you put your sign-off, you can close your email by prompting company employees to congratulate the newly promoted employee. 

● ” It would be great if you took a moment to congratulate him on his new role.”

● ” Please take the time to reach out and congratulate him on his new position.” 

● ” You already know that Liam has been a valuable asset to the company. Now it’s your turn to congratulate him on his promotion.”

Sign-off the email

Finish your announcement with a sign-off like ”Best regards”, ”Best”, ”Kind regards”, and ”Sincerely”.

5 sample emails to announce a promotion

1st sample email 

Hello all, 

I am proud to announce Liam Brown has been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. An integral member of our marketing team, Liam brings more than 10 years of experience to this new role. His deep expertise and strong leadership skills are a perfect match to drive our future success. Please take a moment to congratulate him. He deserves to be congratulated for being an awesome employee. 



2nd sample email 

Dear all, 

I am proud to announce that John White has transitioned to Sales Director at ABC! After playing a leading role in the development of the company for the past 10 years, John will be promoted to Sales Director. We appreciate the hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication he has shown over the past years. 

Please give a well-deserved congratulations to John! 

Kind regards, 


3rd sample email 

Hello everyone, 

It is our pleasure to announce that Jessica Davis has been promoted to Head of Sales. Her passion for people, learning and development, and operational excellence make her a true leader! 

We hope you will continue to have a long and enjoyable career with us! 



4th sample email 


We love sharing the great news about our staff! This time is our colleague James Miller’s turn, who has just been promoted to Marketing Manager. With over 17 years of experience, James stands out for the incredible level of dedication and service that he provides to the company. Congratulations to James! He is truly a valued employee. 

Best regards, 


5th sample email 

Dear all, 

I am proud to announce that Robert Peters has been promoted to become our Chief Financial Officer. Robert’s leadership across all of the disciplines of accounting and finance has led us to achieve our best year ever and he continues to find ways of analyzing and helping us improve upon our prior success. 

On behalf of the company, we wish Robert the best of luck. 



What subject line to put?

Make your subject line sound exciting. You’re going to announce good news, and that doesn’t happen every day. 

● Subject: We are very excited to announce this promotion! 

● Subject: (NAME) has been promoted! 

● Subject: Congrats {name}! 

When to send the announcement email to all employees?

Send the message within a few days after the employee has agreed to take the new role. Delaying may generate additional internal inquiries among employees and disturb their daily work routine.

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