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Can I Say “Good Afternoon” In An Email? (+Sample Emails)

Besides all the other greetings that are often used in business communication, you probably sometimes think to use “Good Afternoon”. But before you send the email, think about whether you’ve spelled it correctly, whether it’s appropriate for this email, and whether it’s the right time for it. After reading this post, however, you’ll have no more hesitations because we’ve answered all your questions. And besides, we’ve also given some sample emails.

Can I Write “Good Afternoon” in an Email? 🤔

Yes, you can absolutely write “Good afternoon” in an email. But keep in mind that you can use the phrase in the afternoon (exactly when is described below). “Good afternoon” is a polite and formal greeting that is suitable for professional or formal email correspondence. It’s a courteous way to acknowledge the time of day and set a respectful tone for your email.

Sample Emails With “Good Afternoon” 📧

Here are two sample emails using “good afternoon” in email:

Sample Email 1: Professional Email

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well.

I would like to recommend you the training “Human Design for Career Coaching, Team, and Organizational Consulting”.

This postgraduate-level education is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for successfully applying Human Design in diverse business contexts, including Management and Leadership Consultations, Team Dynamics Analysis, and understanding Large Organizational Structures.

You could join their meeting for more details on September 2nd, 2023, at 18:00 UTC.

Good afternoon and best regards,


Sample Email 2: Informal Email

Good afternoon, Emily,

I hope you’re having a great day.

I have forwarded your email to our Finance team and they will check the payment and process it. Our Customer Service team will then create and send an email with the product details.

I will keep a look out and let you know when the email has been sent. Normally takes 24-48 hours so might be Monday or Tuesday now.

Warm regards,


Is “Good Afternoon” a Formal or Informal Greeting? 👔

“Good Afternoon” is a formal greeting and is more polite and formal than “Good Morning.” It is typically less formal than “Good Evening.”

alternatives to good afternoon

What Are Some Formal Alternatives to “Good Afternoon”? 🎩

1. Good day – This is a polite and neutral way to greet someone during the afternoon hours, suitable for various formal situations.

2. Greetings – A simple and formal greeting that is often used at the start of written communication, emails, or speeches.

3. Hello – A universally recognized formal greeting that can be used in any professional or polite context.

4. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen – A formal and inclusive greeting often used in public speaking or addressing a formal audience.

5. Good afternoon, colleagues – A respectful and professional way to greet coworkers or business associates in a formal setting.

What Are Some Casual Alternatives to “Good Afternoon”? 😎

1. Hey there – A friendly and informal way to greet someone casually, often used among friends or acquaintances.

2. Hi, folks – A relaxed and inclusive greeting, suitable for addressing a group of people informally.

3. What’s up? – A casual and commonly used greeting that invites conversation and asks about someone’s well-being or current activities.

4. Hello, everyone – A friendly and straightforward way to greet a group of people in an informal setting.

5. Hey, team – An informal and cheerful greeting that’s often used to express friendliness and enthusiasm when saying hello to your team.

Is There a Comma After “Good Afternoon” in Emails? ✉️

A comma is placed after “Good Afternoon” and also if there is any salutation after it, here are examples:

Good afternoon,

Good afternoon, John,

Good afternoon, everyone,

Is “Afternoon” Capitalized in the Phrase “Good Afternoon”?

In the phrase “Good afternoon,” “afternoon” is not typically capitalized. It is written in lowercase, just like any other time of day in greetings such as “good morning” or “good evening.” The entire phrase is usually written in lowercase as “good afternoon.” However, if you want to emphasize or formalize the greeting, you can capitalize both words as “Good Afternoon,” although this is less common in everyday usage.

What Time Do You Say “Good Afternoon”? 🕒

“Good afternoon” is said after lunch has passed and continues until the end of the afternoon or before the beginning of the evening. Usually until about 5 or 6 pm. Of course, it also depends on which country you are in and what the generally accepted norms are there. After 6 o’clock it is more appropriate to use “Good evening”.


The most important thing to remember when using “Good Afternoon” in an email is that you should use it in the afternoon and spell it out at the top of your email as a greeting. It is recommended to use it in more formal correspondence. Using it will show respect, a good attitude, and ethics to the other party.

For more tips and examples on crafting professional emails, visit Copy-Paste Emails.

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