Can I Say Hello Both in an Email

Can I Say “Hello Both” in an Email?

“Hello Both” is one phrase you won’t see often in emails. But still, on very rare occasions you might think to use it, and especially when you want to address two people specifically. Still, if you decide to use it you may want to answer some questions about when it is best used. That’s why in this post you’ll find out if it’s used in more formal or conversational communication or if there are better alternatives.

Can I сay “Hello Both” in an еmail?

Yes, you can. “Hello Both” is used when you want to address two people without giving their names. It is more often used in informal communication. You can use it when you are in a hurry to write your email and know the recipients well. Just remember that when you address your email to exactly these two people there should be no more people in the “to” field because confusion will happen.

In an email to two colleagues about a lunch meeting:

“Hello Both,
Just checking if we’re still on for lunch tomorrow?”

Is “Hello Both” appropriate for formal communication?

It cannot be said that the phrase is entirely informal, but it is preferable to avoid it in formal correspondence. Especially if you do not know those involved in the conversation it is best to use more formal alternatives, such as:

“Dear Mr. Smith and Ms. Johnson,”

Are there alternatives to “Hello Both” for addressing two people?

Yes, there are several alternatives. One can use Dear [Name] and [Name],” “Hello [Name] & [Name],” or even a simple Hi [Name], Hi [Name].”

Instead of “Hello Both,” you could write:

“Dear Peter and Sarah,” or
“Hi Peter, Hi Sarah,”.

alternatives to hello both

Should both recipients’ names be listed instead?

Listing both recipients’ names can be seen as more personal and direct, especially in a formal context or when you want to acknowledge each individual specifically.

If you want to acknowledge each person:

“Hello Peter and Sarah,”
“Dear Mr. Anderson and Dr. Davis,”.

Is “both” capitalized in “Hello both”?

No, “both” is lowercase. You can only capitalize it when you want to emphasize the importance of the word, as we have in many places in this post.

How does “Hello Both” compare to “Hello Everyone”?

As you can guess “Hello Both” is used when you want to address two people, and when you use “Hello Everyone” you want to address more people, usually three or more.


If you’re writing to Peter and Sarah, you’d say: “Hello Both,”.
But if you’re writing to Peter, Sarah, and Paul, it would be: “Hello Everyone,”.


Don’t be afraid to use the greetingHello Both” in your emails. It’s okay, but just keep in mind not to be in formal correspondences and of course address two people, not three or four. Start your email with a capital letter of “Hello” and a small letter of “both” and then be sure to put a comma, from there on write the body of the email.

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