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Phrase ”Talk to You Soon” – Alternatives & Examples

”Talk to you soon” is a phrase that many people use in conversations. It’s not uncommon for someone to say this at the end of their face-to-face conversation, phone call, or text message.

What is the meaning of the phrase ”talk to you soon”?

It means that you’ve just finished a conversation with somebody and you are going to talk with him again in a short time. Informal way to end your conversation – ”It was nice to meet you, John. Bye. Talk to you soon”

Alternatives to ”talk to you soon”

Alternatives to ''talk to you soon''

1. Catch you later

Catch you later is a phrase generally used by British people to say goodbye to somebody. It often implies that the speaker will see the person in a while.

2. Talk to you in a bit 

”Talk to you in a bit” is a more informal way of saying I’ll talk to you soon. It can be used when talking to friends.

3. Call you back later

This phrase is used when you communicate through a phone. It can refer to a period of time that is not specified. It could be a week, or it could be hours from now. It can also refer to an indefinite time in the future. It’s even possible that the person never calls you back because he forgot he was supposed to.

4. Stay in touch

Stay in touch is more about maintaining connections and friendships between people. It means that you are going to meet again but you are not sure when and where.

5. Talk to you on Sunday

Here we know the date on which the two people will talk again. If you know that you have planned to meet this person on a certain date or in our example on Sunday, you can simply say ”talk to you on Sunday”.

6. Let’s chat again soon

Let’s chat again soon is a phrase that tells the other person to keep in touch by texting or calling. The speaker wants to speak with the person again at some point in the future, but it doesn’t specify when.

7. Tell you about it later

The phrase “tell you about it later” typically means that the speaker will tell you about the event or story at a later time, often a future time.

Example: ”I heard some really good news and I want to tell you about it later.”

8. Look forward to talking to you soon

The phrase “Look forward to talking to you soon” is seen as a polite way of saying goodbye with the intention of being contacted again. This phrase is more formal than the others listed above.
Another alternative is the phrase ”Looking forward to seeing you soon”. You can find sample sentences using this phrase here. And if you want to look at other ways of expressing “looking forward to,” you can check out this link.

9. I am excited to speak with you again

This sentence means that the speaker is excited to speak to the person again. This person has been so intrigued by your conversation that he can’t wait to talk with you again.

10. I can’t wait to speak with you

”I can’t wait to speak with you” is a great ending to a conversation in which the speaker expresses a sense of anticipation or excitement for their next meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions Using the Phrase ”talk to you soon”

What’s the difference between “talk to you soon” and ” talk to you later”?

Soon is used in a short time from now or in a short time after something else has happened.

Later is used at a time in the future, after the time you are talking about.

Both phrases express that you are planning to talk with that person after a couple of minutes, hours, or days. Soon expressing that you are willing to talk with that person in a very short time, and later would mean that you would like to talk with that person in the near future. You can say:
A: Are you coming to the workshop that will take place shortly?
B: Yes.
A: Great! Talk to you soon.

Let’s see an example using the phrase ”talk to you later”:
A: Can I speak to Joe?
B: I’m sorry he is not available at the moment. Could you please call again after an hour?
A: Sure. Talk to you later.

How to respond to ”talk to you soon”?

You may not respond at all. But still, if you want to answer something, saying something like “yeah, talk to you soon” is an easy option and a safe bet. Another way to respond is ”yes, until then”.

How to say ”talk to you soon” via email?

In your email communication, you need to use more formal words. Talk to you soon is a phrase used primarily in casual/informal conversations. You can use it when you talk with friends, family members, colleagues, etc. In your emails, you can use alternatives like ”I hope to hear from you soon” or ”I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience”. In formal emails, you can replace the word ”soon” with ”at your earliest convenience”.

How to use ”talk to you soon” in a friendly chat?

Here are some sample scripts using the phrase:

A: I have to go. We’re going to the movies tonight, aren’t we?
B: Yes.
A: Okay. Talk to you soon. Bye.

A: It’s starting to rain. I’ll leave. Talk to you soon.
B: It was nice to meet you. Bye.

A: I’m getting hungry. Let’s meet at Franco’s pizza at 1 pm.
B: Okay, sure. Talk to you soon.

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