Phone Call Conversation Script
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Phone Call Conversation Script

In most cases, when you’re having a phone call with your customer, you have to use the same conversation script every time. In our post, we will show you the main dialogues we use during our phone conversations. We have divided the post into 3 calling scripts for different positions in the company assistant, customer support, and sales. Then you will find the different phrases for each stage of your conversation. Finally, you’ll learn when it’s most convenient to call when you’re going to have a cold calling.

Phone Call Conversation Script

Phone Call Conversation Script – Assistant

Olivia: Good Morning, (COMPANY NAME). Olivia is speaking.
William: Good Morning, this is William Smith, from Chicago. I would like to speak to Mr. Jones.
Olivia: I’ll put you through.
William: Thank you.
Olivia: Thank you for holding, Mr. Smith, but I’m afraid that Mr. Jones is now in a meeting. He won’t be available until at least 4 this afternoon.
William: It’s quite urgent. Could you put me through to someone else in the Finance Department? Perhaps Mr.Davis?
Olivia: Mr. Davisis on holiday until next Wednesday. Could someone in another department help you?
William: No, I don’t think so. I’ll leave a message for Mr. Jones. Could you tell him to phone me as quickly as he can? There’s a serious problem with the latest payments.
Olivia: Certainly. Could you spell your name, please?
William: Of course, it’s W-i-double l-i-a-m.
Olivia: Where he can reach you, Mr. Smith?
William: He can call, my mobile is 0047 897 3849.
Olivia: I’ll give him your phone number as soon as he gets out of the meeting.
William: Thanks for your help.
Olivia: It’s my pleasure. Thanks for calling.
William: Goodbye.
Olivia: Goodbye.

Phone Call Conversation Script – Customer Service

Olivia: Good Afternoon. This is Olivia speaking. How may I help you?
William: Hello Olivia. My name is William Smith and I’m calling because we have issues with our internet connection.
Olivia: Okay, Sir. Could you please provide me with more details?
William: Sure. During the day our internet is fast but during the nights the connection is very bad. What could cause that?
Olivia: This is because during the nights there is a lot more traffic.
William: What we should do in this case?
Olivia: My suggestion is to send you a new router that will be more powerful.
William: This sounds great.
Olivia: I will inform our technical team to visit you and implement the new router.
William: Okay.
Olivia: Could you please provide me with your address, Mr. Smith?
William: It’s 877 N Frontage Rd, Wisconsin Dells.
Olivia: Thank you. Would next Tuesday at 3 pm suit you?
William: Yes, it’s fine. I will be at home at that time.
Olivia: Great. Thanks for your call, Mr. Smith.
William: Thank you for your time, Olivia.
Olivia: Have a nice day!
William: Thanks. Bye.
Olivia: Bye.

Phone Call Conversation Script – Sales

Olivia: Good Morning. This is Olivia from (COMPANY NAME) and I’m looking for Mr. Smith.
William: Hello Olivia, how can I help you?
Olivia: I’m calling you regarding our promotion that is currently rolling online on our website. Our software for architecture is on sale for the next 1 month. Do you have time to provide me with more information?
William: This sounds great but my current license is active until the end of the year.
Olivia: I understand, Mr. Smith. Thank you very much for your feedback. Would you might if I send you our offer to your email in case you might need an additional license or you might know someone who can take advantage of this offer?
William: Okay, you can send it to my email –
Olivia: Thank you very much, Mr. Smith. I will send you our offer. It was a pleasure talking with you. I hope you have a great day. Goodbye.
William: Goodbye.

Phrases of calling conversations

Accepting Phone Call

Hello, this is Noah Williams.
Hello, Noah Williams speaking.
Good Morning, (COMPANY NAME). Can I help you?
(COMPANY NAME), Noah is speaking. How can I help you?

Reply from caller

Hello, this is Eva Jones from New York. I’d like to speak with Noah Williams, please.
Could I speak to the manager, please?
I’d like to speak to someone in the Sales Department, please.
Could you put me through to Mr. Noah Williams, please?
I’m returning his call.
I’m calling about …

Reply from customer service

Could you please hold on, please?
Just a moment, please.
Do you mind waiting a moment? The line is busy.
I’m afraid he is not available.
I’ll put you through to Mr. Williams.
I’m afraid he is out of the office.
I’m sorry but he is in a meeting / at lunch / on leave.

Leaving a message

Could I leave a message?
Would you like to leave a message?
I’ll try again later.
When will he be available?
Could you please ask him to call me back, please?
Could he phone me as soon as possible, please?
I’ll tell him as soon as he returns.
I’ll give him the message as soon as he gets back.
Could I have your name and phone number?

Correct understanding

Could you repeat that please?
Could you spell that, please?
I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name.
Who is speaking, please?
Could I check that, please?
Could you speak a little slower, please?


Are you free on Monday?
Would Tuesday morning suit you?
Could we meet next Wednesday at 4 pm?
How about tomorrow at lunchtime?
Could we make a new appointment?
I’m afraid I can’t make our appointment on Monday.
I’m afraid I need to cancel our appointment for next Wednesday at 4 pm.

Ending conversation

Thanks for calling. Goodbye.
Thanks for your help. Goodbye.
I’m afraid I can’t talk right now. Can I call you straight back?

Important to Remember

• Say your first and your last name when you pick up the phone (example: Hello, Liam Brown speaking.)
• Say the numbers separately – one- nine – five
44 is double four, 777 is triple seven

Important Phrases

Hang up – There’s someone outside that is waiting for me. I’m sorry but I need to hang up and call you later.
Hold on – If you can hold on for a few more minutes.
Put you through – I will put you through to someone who can help.
Cut off – If we get cut off I’ll call you straight back.

The best time for a cold call

The best time to call is during the morning between 9 am – 11 am. During this time the potential client is more willing to answer. Most of his/ her calls are made during the mornings and when you are in non-stop calls you are more willing to answer everyone. During the next business hours, the client is not so involved with non-stop phone conversations and might be concentered on other work that we decrease the potential of answering.

The best day for a cold call

The best day to look for an opportunity to introduce a potential customer to you or your products/services is Tuesday. On Mondays, customers are always super busy with a lot of important tasks and will not pay attention to you. Wednesday is also a convenient day to call. On Thursday, more people will postpone your offer for Friday, which runs until next week, and you may not receive any response in the end.

You are free to use the above best calling scripts and phrases for your calls with clients in your emails!

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