Linking Words Examples
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Linking Words Examples

Linking words in English is the “key” to showing a great expression, especially in your Business emails. Proper handling of linking words is recognized as good proficiency in English. In this post, you will learn which are the most popular linking words that you can use in your email. In addition to more than 30 examples of linking words, you will also find sample sentences for each of them.

Examples of Linking Words and Sample Sentences

At this time – At this time our engineers are working to fix your internet connections. We will inform you once we have an update.
After –
After you submit your ticket, you will receive your automatic ticket number. At last – At last, I would like to thank you for joining yesterday’s presentation, really good to see you there with interactions and open to learning more about services and solutions.
Also –
Also, as I have promised here is the link to today’s meeting record.
Along with
– Along with that is attached a sample notification that you can send to your customers.
Although – Although the process for raising new tickets and tracking existing requests has changed, the process for onboarding a customer remains the same.
Additionally –
Additionally attached is a sample notification you can use to send this notification to your customers.
Again –
I’ll have to ask the developers why they didn’t implement it as planned.
Alternatively –
Alternatively, you may also contact ….
Before –
There is also one additional request to send the created agreement for validation before sending it to the end customer.
Besides –
Besides this presentation, you will find questions and answers on various licensing-related matters.
Currently –
Currently, you can check it in pre-production. Tomorrow, we are going to release this change live.
During – During our meeting next week we will be focused on new modern cloud solutions.
Eventually – This allows us all to track each request and eventually provide you with a better service than simply through e-mail.
Equally – I’m equally delighted to announce the appointment of Jessica Smith as our Global Head of Marketing Department.
First – First let me discuss this with the team.
Following – Following up on our conversation on today’s call – here is the list of active customers not yet onboarded in our system.
Finally – Finally we will enjoy a live demo delivered by Megan and we will get a view into her best practices.
Furthermore – Furthermore, to set the credit limit for you we need to receive financial statements for last year.
However – However, I am not able to find any activity log for this customer.
Immediately – Discussions with our partners should start immediately to help them receive equivalent pricing.
In the meantime – In the meantime, we would encourage you to share the following documents with the customer.
In addition – In addition, I’m sharing this opportunity of AI training, with more knowledge that can help our customers to use the AI capabilities.
Meanwhile – Meanwhile the developers are working on a permanent solution.
Moreover – Moreover, we still need to find out whether this has any impact on the internet connection.
Nevertheless – Nevertheless you might face some IT issues.
Nonetheless – Nonetheless, the meeting will take place on 04.06 instead of 04.05.
On the other hand –
On the other hand, the functionality is LIVE now and all orders are now visible within the portal.
Previously –
I’ve previously requested a credit limit check. Please check your mailbox.
Soon –
Please let me know for which date you want to have the training, can be this week or also any other time soon.
Since –
Since we did not receive any feedback on our previous renewal reminder, please allow us to inform you again, that your subscription is going to expire on 12.04.2021.
Thereafter –
Thereafter the workshop will cover solution designs, best practices, and demo implementation.
While –
Find out how to reduce your costs while meeting new challenges.

You are free to use the above linking words and sample sentences in your Business emails!

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