Telephone Phrases to Use at Work
Verbal Communication

Telephone Phrases to Use at Work ☎

You want to call someone:

You name the company

☎ Hello, this is Larisa from (COMPANY NAME) calling…


☎ I’m sorry to disturb you …
☎ I’m sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number.
☎ I’m sorry to be calling so late.

Name the person you want to talk to

☎ Could I please speak to Mr./Mrs. …?
☎ Could I please speak to someone in the … department?

Name the reason why you are calling

☎ I’m calling about …

Ask who you can turn to

☎ I’d like to speak with someone who can help me with/advise me about …

Asking for help

☎ Perhaps you could help me …?

Asking for meeting

☎ I’d like to arrange an appointment with Mr./Mrs. …

Asking when you can call

☎ Do you know when he/she will be back/available?
☎ When would be a good time to call back?

Leaving a message

☎ Could I please leave a message for Mr./Mrs. … to call me back?

Call later

☎ I’ll call back later.


☎ I’m sorry, I didn’t understand. Could you please repeat that?

Ending the call

☎ That’s all for now.
☎ Thanks for your help.

Say goodbye


Someone is calling you:

Pick up the phone

☎ Good Morning, (COMPANY NAME)/(DEPARTMENT), Larisa is speaking.

Asking question

☎ May I ask what it’s about?

Asking for the name

☎ Who’s calling, please?
☎ Could you repeat your name, please?

Connecting the caller

☎ One moment, I’ll connect you.

The line is busy

☎ I’m afraid Mr./Mrs. … is not available at the moment.

The person is missing

☎ I’m afraid Mr./Mrs. … is in a meeting/is out of the office/won’t be back until … o’clock.

The person is busy

☎ I’m afraid Mr./Mrs. … is not available at the moment.

Offer help

☎ Can I help you?

Receive a message

☎ Would you like to leave a message?

Offer to call back later

☎ Could you call back later/tomorrow/ at … o’clock?
☎ I’ll give you Mr./Mrs. …’s extension number. It’s …

Offer the person to call them back

☎ Could Mr./Mrs. … return your call/call you back?
☎ Does he/she have your number?
☎ How can he/she best reach you?

Offer a meeting

☎ Would Monday at 2 pm suit you?

Ending the call

☎ Thanks for your call. Goodbye.

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