How to Ask for a Deadline
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How to Ask for a Deadline

Meet the deadline – what does it mean? – to finish something by or before a target date.
When a company has a new project, you need to set milestones, which must be completed by a certain date. Most often it can be from 3 to 6 months, depending on the project. If your project does not have a deadline, you should ask. In this post, you will find different ways to how to ask for a deadline and what to answer when you can’t meet the deadline.

Examples how to ask for a deadline

I received all the information about the new project, could you please tell me what the deadline is?

I will be happy to give me more information about the upcoming project. Could you tell me what the milestones are? Who will participate in the project? And what is the deadline?


What is the deadline?

When should I finish the project?

For what period should the project be completed?

We’ll do our project and meet the deadline.

Please respond no later than 11/10/2021, at 4 pm.

We will finish the project by Monday morning.

We will finish the project by the end of the month.

Please send me the reports by 8:00 tomorrow morning.

How to say that you can’t meet the deadline

The project has been delayed because of the different opinions among the members of the committee.

There was no disagreement among the committee members. Тherefore, we will have to extend the deadline by a few days.

Unfortunately, the indicated deadline can’t be met.

Everybody involved in the project worked very well. But unfortunately, we will not be able to meet the deadline. We apologize for the unpleasant situation. We will keep you posted.

Unfortunately, the project doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere at the moment. Therefore, we inform you that we will need another 10-15 working days.

During the test process, we found an error that we have not been able to fix for several days. The colleagues are doing everything possible to fix it, but it will take at least a few more days.

We did everything possible to complete the project on time, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not succeed by the deadline. We expect the project to be delayed by another two weeks.

Looking at all the milestones, I can definitely say that the target date is unrealistic. I’m sorry, but from now on I can say that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to finish it on time.

Other examples

Would you be interested in growing involved in this project?

You need to complete a piece of work by a specific deadline.

He’s busy working on a new project.

Our team conducted a research project into the history of our company.

The success of the project was wholly dependent on meeting the deadline.

Substantial amounts of money have been wasted on this project.

They didn’t tell us much about the project. We don’t have enough information.

To give customers ample time to meet the new program requirements, the compliance deadline was extended to May 15th, 2021 earlier this year.

A kindly reminder that data security training has a deadline of 11 days.

This is a final reminder that your agreement deadline is November 12, 2021.

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