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Sample Emails Requesting An Interview for A Job

When you want to request an interview for a job in a particular company, sending a professional email can be very useful for you. Email can be the best initiation for you to reserve the opportunity for a job in a particular company you want to join. Sending an email can give you a heads up and benefits that the other job applicants might not be able to reserve.

Of course, your message cannot be too generic when requesting an interview for a job. The message content will depend on variable factors such as the recipients, company brand, the job to apply, and so on.

Here are the sample emails requesting an interview for a job that you can consider when it comes to a particular email.

Sample Emails Requesting An Interview for A Job


Dear Mr. Lewis,
I see from your advertisement on the (website) that you have a vacancy for an accountant. Could you please send me further details of the position? This is a position for which I believe I am ideally suited. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity for an interview.
Yours faithfully,
Henry Walker


To whom it may concern,
It was with great interest that I read the advertisement for the newly opened position of Account Manager in your company. I gained wide experience in the sales department at Buy Ltd. I speak fluent English and French.
Please would you forward a copy of the application form to me at the above address?
I look forward to hearing from you and hoping for a favorable reply.
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Moore


Good morning Mr. Clark,
I was interested to learn that your company is currently recruiting. I would like to apply for the position of Project Manager. For the past 5 years, I have been employed as a Project Coordinator and I was responsible for the whole organization on new projects. Therefore I am certain I have the necessary training and qualities needed for the position.
I attach a copy of my CV which will give you further particulars.
I am available for an interview at your convenience.
Best regards,
Emma Lee


Dear Sir or Madam,
I was interested to learn that your company is currently looking for a recruiter. For the past three years, I have worked in the HR department of an IT company.
I would be delighted to have the opportunity of working for your company and I am keen to broaden my knowledge in the field of
human resource.
I enclose a copy of my Curriculum Vitae which will give you further information about my career and will be happy to supply any other details you may require.
I am available for an interview at your convenience and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Yours faithfully,
Sarah Johnson


Good afternoon Mr. Jones,
I am writing to enquire about the possibility of working for your company. I’m looking for a position in the finance department. I speak fluent German and have already acquired some experience of working abroad.
I enclose a copy of my CV which will give you more complete details of my career to date.
I will be happy to supply any other details you may require.
Kind regards,
Peter Thompson


Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to be considered for the position of Sales Engineer as advertised on (website) on March 23rd.
I joined GR Telekom in Amsterdam after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA. During the two-year post-graduate program I gained valuable experience, first in the sales and then in the technical department. I am currently working in the sales department, and have acquired detailed product knowledge of telephones and office equipment.
I realized I enjoy sales when I worked part-time as an ice-cream seller. In addition to regular duties, I was involved in the planning,
advertising, and organization of the company.
Attached is my CV with further details of my career and three letters of recommendation.
I am available for a skype interview at any time and look forward to a favorable reply.
Sincerely yours,
Sam Anderson

Email Someone You Know

There is nothing wrong with knowing someone in the company you want to work for. In addition, it can be beneficial for you since it would be much easier to convince the person. Not to mention, your content can also be less formal with someone you know. Regardless, you will want to create the message with courtesy and professionalism. Be polite and professional because your friend is not only the one who will read it. They will forward the message to someone else who can do the interview with you.

You have known your friend, so have your friend. But not all readers of the email are your friend. So, although the first recipient of the email is your friend, your email could be forwarded for other purposes. You don’t want to build a bad rep for yourself and your friend.

Email Someone You Don’t Know

To request an interview from someone that you don’t know, the structure of your email will look like a cold call message. On some occasions, people who rigorously send emails many times can be considered spammers. Although you don’t intend to do that, the company staff still can consider you as a nuisance. Try to contact the company’s representative once or twice. If they don’t want to respond to your message at all, you must be ready to move on.

Also, you don’t need to contact more than two or three people who are in the same company. It won’t do good for your reputation either.

Email Someone You Know To Ask For A Referral

On many occasions, it is the easiest way to get an informational interview. Sometimes, someone you know in the company has good networks. They can be your new friends and referrals. But keep in mind that not all referrals want to recommend you for a job interview. After all, you are a stranger to them.

Email Someone You Don’t Know With A Referral

In case you have been referred, and you have the channel to make a connection with the particular person, you could also send the email requesting a job interview to him or her. Someone has given you a head start to do it. Consider yourself lucky, but the struggle will be real.

You must make sure to mention their name politely in the subject of your message and in the body.

Make sure to say that you’re grateful to the person who gave you the referral.

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