Vacation Email Message Samples
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Vacation Email Message Samples

If you are planning for a vacation or out-of-office, you will need to let everyone in your team know about your upcoming activities. You can either write the vacation email message and send it at once, or use it in the auto-reply feature. Either way, people who want to contact you will know that you are on vacation.

This type of email is useful for informing your colleagues and clients to know when to expect to get your response or contact. Perhaps, they can still contact you but they have known that you are on vacation. With such information, they will be able to manage the appropriate actions related to the projects that you are working on together.

You will want to write the vacation email message professionally since you might never know who might read it.

What is a vacation email message?

The vacations, recreations, leaves, or any other absences can indeed affect the business progress. But you can be prepared well for it. Setting up for this kind of email can make sure that your teams will work well while you leave. These messages will ensure the business progress to run smoothly until you return. Or, when you are not able to respond immediately, it at least gives other people the way they can contact you or do the project without you.

Well, you can do it by phone calling or texting, or online messenger. But emails can save you a lot from any hassle and problem. It is also great for tracking messages. In many professional fields, emails can also work as proof of communication. By creating the vacation email message, it is solid proof that you have notified your recipients about your vacation or other specific activities. In a nutshell, you can tell everyone about your leave without wasting your time or energy to do it.

When to use it?

It is best to set up the vacation email message whenever you plan on leaves. On vacation, you are unable to respond to emails during regular operational hours. The vacation email messages are the right movement for certain periods of time. For instance, it can be useful for the professionals who are leaving work early or having a longer absence. But it is also as good as when you are enjoying a multiple-day vacation or any other type of leaves.

The content of the email will depend on the type of your job and how urgent the messages that you are going to tell them. If you are not sure about setting it up, you could ask yourself about what will happen if someone messages you for business purposes. Of course, if you are on vacation with your family, you will want to focus on your holiday activities.

Tips to write vacation email

Your vacation email message does not have to be elaborate. You can add the essential information within the email and add more details about the job. Normally, you will leave the details to your secretary or someone you trust in the team. Make sure to add the representative or introduce him/her to your recipients so that they won’t bother you when you are on vacation with your special people.

Vacation Email Message Samples


Hi there,
Thanks for getting in touch! Let me inform you that I will be on vacation during 21 June – 30 June 2021 with very limited access to my computer. Please, contact (EMAIL), or (EMAIL) in case of any urgent issues.
Best regards,


Dear Sender,
Thank you for your e-mail! I’m out of the office until the 17th of May due to a planned vacation and will have limited access to my e-mail.
In case of urgency, please contact (EMAIL) or phone (NUMBER).
Kind regards,


Dear Sender,
Please be advised that I am on vacation until 04.01.2022 and I will respond to you upon my return.
In case of urgency, one of our team members will be able to help. They can be reached at (EMAIL).
Thank you,


Dear Madam or Sir,
Thank you for your e-mail. Please note, I’ll be on vacation from 17th of November till 21st of November 2021.
Your e-mail will not be on-forwarded.
I will respond to your mail ASAP after my return.
Thank you for your understanding and please excuse any inconvenience caused.
With best regards,

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