Sample Reminder Emails for Report Submission
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Sample Reminder Emails for Report Submission

The reminder email can be for anything from asking for report submission, pushing the deadline dates, and many others. In the reminder email, you will want to mention how you would want the recipients to report submission of the order for you.

The reminder email can have different characteristics depending on the purpose of the topic itself. In this case, the email is to give the representatives, officials, or authorities the instructions to submit the report.

There are a wide array of scenarios where the report submission is required, especially in the project progress.

If you are a project owner, for instance, you will want to keep updated about the project progress by your project team members. The formal letters from you can push the team members to carry out tasks in a more efficient way. The most common one is to ask for the report submission.

The report submission request email must be drafted correctly since every point mentioned in the email can make or break the project. It is important to give clear instructions or information to the recipients of the email.

Since it is a formal letter, the tone must also be professional.

As the sender, you will need to state what needs to be done and provide complete information so that the recipients will be able to submit the report according to your preferences.

If there is any problem, then it is important to mention the specific problem, as well as the suggestions on resolving the particular matter.

Mention your reasoning as well. If you are a project owner, it does not hurt to give a deadline to your recipients to deliver the report as you need.

Letters can be sent to the team members who are working together. To achieve the common goal, it is ideal to ask them to submit the report as soon as possible.

Inside the email, you could also show your gratitude to your recipients for the efforts that they have done to improve the project’s progress.

The email for report submission can be informal if the recipients are the team members who have been closer with you for many years.

No matter what type of language you are using in the email, you need to be polite and courteous. It is important to follow the norms and rules in your company. But you need to differentiate between the humble and pessimistic. Many managers and bosses often underestimate the humbleness of their teammates.

Keep In mind to be very specific with your request for report submission. This can help you to avoid the cluttered topics in the email that lead to slow responses. Instead, focus on the specific parts or tasks that you need the report to be submitted.

Request specifically. It does not hurt to be concise when asking for help from your teammates.
You could ask for a report on the progress of the project. The report can be anything from the project progress, surveys results, and many more. When you request the report, the structure of the email is very important.

Take a look at the examples below for inspiration.

Sample Reminder Emails for Report Submission


Dear Mr. Smith,
I would like to draw your attention to the requested on 04.08.2021 annual company finance report. As we have not yet received it, I would be grateful if you could send it to me as soon as possible.
Kind regards,


Dear Noah,
As no monthly report has been received from your company, we would be glad if you could send it to us as soon as possible.
May we remind you that you need to provide your report until the 10th day of each month.
Kindly send us the report as soon as possible.
Best regards,


Hi Ava,
I wish to remind you that your report is still not submitted and ask you to give the matter your immediate attention.
Sincerely yours,


Dear Sir or Madam,
We regret to inform you that we can’t find your monthly report. We would be obliged if you could send us the file so that we can proceed with the necessary payment.
Warm regards,

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