Asking for Extension on Assignment Samples
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Asking for Extension on Assignment Samples

Complete your allocated task before chatting with your boss. Extension policies are not included in the directions for a paper or a project.

In this case, you have two options: to meet the deadline or ask for an extension of time to complete the assigned task later.

Sometimes they even punish those who miss deadlines. This should act as a warning to avoid being late. However, employees should alert their immediate supervisor if there will be a potential delay.

An email is a preferred method of seeking an extension on a task that is assigned to you. Please see some samples below. Kindly send a thank-you email as soon as possible if the extension is granted.

Samples Asking for Extension on Assignment


Dear Kim,
I would like to extend the deadline for the assignment that I received on Monday. I’ve been quite busy the last few days and unfortunately, I won’t be able to complete it until tomorrow. Could you give me two extra days?
I look forward to your feedback.
Kind regards,


Hi John,
I am writing to warn you that my assignment took unforeseen extra time. I had to correspond with several outside contributors, which slowed me down. Will I be able to change the deadline to the 15th of May? I apologize for the delay and for having to change the deadline by 2 days.
Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,


Hi Peter,
I know I was supposed to finish the project by this Friday, but unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances came up that delayed the whole project. I will do my best to finish the project sooner, but I will probably have to change the deadline to next Wednesday.
Kind regards,

Reasons to request extension of assignment

1. Computer problems;
2. Unforeseen circumstances;
3. Unpleasant family circumstances;
4. Miscommunication with 3rd parties;
5. Unexpected business trip;

How To Ask for Extension on Assignment

If you approach your boss early when the task is assigned, they are more likely to give you an extension. Once the task is assigned to you, you need to check all of your current tasks and inform your boss if you need more time to complete the assignment.

If an extension is required, please notify your boss as soon as feasible. Establish your objectives and then describe the actual scenario. Is it possible for me to get a one-day reprieve? WEEK?!

Bosses are more willing to offer a shorter extension.

Make it extremely evident that you are not asking for an extension merely because you have run out of time, regardless of how much of that is true. Include a draft of your paper or a brief summary of your current tasks. You may also schedule to meet your boss and discuss all of your tasks.

Make assured that you do not miss any assignments.

An assignment may need to be delayed for a variety of reasons. Additional time is necessary to finish incomplete tasks. In a business email, respectfully and sincerely seek an extension.

If you are unable to follow instructions or do not have enough time to complete a task, request an extension. The best course of action may be to chat with your boss about your concerns.

Email is the preferred method of seeking an extension.

When individuals beg a favor, they face discomfort and struggle to describe why they want it. Extension emails are nothing to be embarrassed about in challenging or unforeseen situations as long as they are written correctly and are kind and clear.

The email should be delivered to the recipient prior to the stated time. Receiving a last-minute request could be stressful for the recipient. This response also indicates the requester’s carelessness and lack of readiness. Please do not take offense.

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