Asking For Extension On Job Offer

Asking For Extension On Job Offer

You are probably one of the most deserved people to receive a job offer from some companies. And when multiple letters come to your mail inbox, you might be wondering which job offer would be the best for you. It will take time. Most of the time, you will not give the answer overnight.
Check out these sample emails for asking for an extension on a job offer to get inspired on how to write the perfect email.

Sample Emails Asking For Extension On Job Offer


Dear Alice,
Thank you very much for the offer. I am considering it very well and therefore I would like to kindly ask you to give me a little more time to think over all the conditions thoroughly. Could you please extend my feedback period by another 1-2 days?
Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience to you!
Best regards,


Hello Mr. Williams,
I’m writing you this email in reference to the offer sent on the 13th of May. Firstly I would like to thank you for choosing me to be part of your team and secondly I would like to ask you to give me a little more time to consider all the details. This is an important step for me and I would like to thoroughly consider all the terms such as salary, location, and any other benefits. Could I ask you to extend the deadline for my firm answer until the end of the week?
Thanks in advance!
Best wishes,


Dear Sam,
Thank you for sending me your job offer. I’m glad that you have chosen me amongst so many candidates. I’m currently going through some personal issues, and I’d really appreciate it if you could extend the deadline for confirmation by 2 more days. It’s a very important step in my life and I want to consider all details.
I really appreciate your patience.
Kind regards,


Dear Emma,
I’m writing to you regarding the email with the included job offer that you sent me on the 16th of August. The stated deadline for a response from me is the 20th of August, but as time goes on and considering my current busy schedule, I would like to extend the deadline to the 18th of August. I would like to review the offer very carefully and make sure I’ve given you my firm answer.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Best regards,


Dear Ms. Jones,
Thank you for sending me a job offer. I would like to consider all the advantages very carefully before making a final decision. I know it is important to you that I give you feedback as soon as possible, but could you give me a small grace period of 1-2 days. I would be very grateful.
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,

How To Ask For Extension On Job Offer

It is sensible to take your time to consider the particular offer. You might want to take your time to review the contract in some important aspects. If you are applying for multiple positions, it will stress the importance of spending time to think and consider your decision.

There are some sensible reasons why you need to extend the job offer consideration:

1. You need to learn about the position and job description for you;

2. You might have personal reasons which can be deal-breaker for the position;

3. You are still considering the pros and cons of the job offers;

It is important, to be honest with the HR or hiring manager about your reasoning and situation. With your trustworthy reasoning, the hiring manager will give you more time with peace of mind.

If you’re excited about the possibilities but worried about the deadline, consider the following bold suggestion: Make a call to the hiring manager and communicate your concerns. (If you are overjoyed about the opportunity, your email may come out as cold.) In addition to expressing your appreciation for the offer, you should enquire about the deadline. They will either explain why the deadline was set, extend it since it was not intended to explode, or explain that this is how the business functions.

Inquiring about everything from the start date to the remuneration may help you make more educated decisions. As a result of throwing doubt on the facts, timelines may be extended. Between now and then, there is a wonderful time to discuss benefits, vacation, and long-term planning. Furthermore, by following these procedures, you may feel more comfortable with your selection.

Accepting a job offer implies some form of bargaining. Salary, vacation, and other benefits are all negotiable. Discussing these topics with your coworkers can allow you to extend your deadline.

Even if you are granted an extension, it is vital that you exhibit your happiness, appreciation, and professionalism while applying for the job. You may desire to seek more time for these and other reasons:

• Inquiring minds require information. As a job seeker, it’s vital to listen to your intuition and follow your instincts while exploring a new opportunity.

• You’re going through a personal crisis or issue. Unexpected incidents occur in our lives on a daily basis. You may be too busy or preoccupied to accept an immediate job offer if your mother is ill, your wife is pregnant, or someone has died.

The potential employer will understand if you seek a delay in the hiring process.

Even if you have legitimate reasons to postpone a decision, remember to do it with courtesy, gratitude, and professionalism. We appreciate the opportunity and respectfully request that you respect the employer’s time. As a consequence, your request has a greater probability of being accepted.

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